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Do You Wear a Uniform?

I recently read an article about an art director who ditched her creative wardrobe in lieu of a “uniform.” Not a uniform like a flight attendant or bus driver, but a go-to outfit. This woman worked in a creative field and was allowed to wear whatever she liked, but the time hit of finding the perfect thing to wear every day was too much. She simplified.

Her look: black trousers and a white blouse. She bought 15 white blouses and a few pair of pants and that was that.

There’s something appealing about skipping the morning panic of “what do I wear?” and changing seven times before heading out the door. But such a simple look would get boring. I have a better idea.

I would pick a few pair of pants in neutrals: black, gray, tan, denim. I’d gets tops in a few different colors, and add to them a couple of blazers and a cardigan. I’d still be able to get dressed quickly (in the dark even) because all the tops and bottoms would go together. I’d have endless combinations and never get bored.

Or, I would gather up 20 work-appropriate dresses–one for each workday in a month. Dresses are simple, one-piece, and polished. I’d wear them with tights in winter and bare-legged in summer. They’d work with boots and flats and sandals or whatever my mood dictated.

There are a lot of options, depending on the work climate and dress codes, that are more interesting than plain black and white. Still, the article gave me food for thought.

Do you have a uniform or go-to outfit. Could you (or would you) wear the same thing to work all the time?


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Anniversary Date

It’s hard to believe that December 24th marked my 8th wedding anniversary to hubby.

the happy couple

It’s a busy week, with Christmas and New Year in the mix, but we made time to get downtown to ride the Seattle Great Wheel, a 175-foot-tall waterfront Ferris wheel.



The views it offers are spectacular.

After riding the wheel, we wandered around downtown, peeking in storefronts and watching last-minute shoppers trying to complete their lists.

It’s hard to find places to eat dinner on our anniversary, because a lot of restaurants close early on Christmas Eve. Luckily, hotels are often the exception. We ate in the Boka Restaurant in the Hotel 1000. They had a great chickpea burger, which surprisingly went well with champagne!

drinksAfter dinner, we crossed the street to another hotel, the Alexis, and had a celebratory drink in their bar, called, oddly enough, The Bookstore.

I wouldn’t be a very responsible fashion blogger if I didn’t at least mention my outfit. Under my cozy pink scarf and warm, wool-free coat (by Vaute Couture), I had on this outfit.

anniversary outfit

Blazer: Bebe via Goodwill
Top: Swapped
Leggings: Fred Meyer’s
Pleather boots: Diba
Vegan purse: Stella McCartney
Necklace: Swapped

black and gray

satin blazer

all black outfit

I hope you had a great Christmas. Happy New Year!

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Cropped Jeans and Heels

A few weeks ago I saw a fashion spread in a magazine. It featured a model wearing a black and white blazer, black tank top, faded boyfriend jeans, and hot pink stilettos.

I replicated the look–same colors on different pieces for a fraction of the cost.

black, pink and white

Jacket: Swapped
Tank: Old Navy
Jeans: Goodwill
Vegan belt: Couch
Shoes: Swapped
Bag: Susan Nicole
Jewelry: Gifted (thanks mom!)

I picked up this jacket at a clothing exchange. I performed a bit of surgery on it–a shoulder-pad-ectomy to be precise–and brought it into the new millennium.

swapped jacket

I already had the tank, and you’ve probably seen these jeans by now.

jeans and heels

Instead of bright pink shoes (which I do have, incidentally), I wore a pair of black pumps from the same clothing exchange. I love my pink heels, but one stand-out piece was enough for this look.

thrifty look

Have you ever copied a magazine look? What personal touches do you give your outfits?

I’m joining Style Elixir for a link-up today. See what all the others are wearing!


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Blazer and Handkerchief Top

Here’s a thrifty look that’s polished enough for work: A blazer and top with black skinny jeans and boots.

blazer and black pants

Blazer: Express via swapped
Top: Swapped
Jeans: Gap
Necklace: Gifted
Boots: Diba (from DSW)
Bag: Susan Nicole

I picked up the top and blazer at a clothing swap and paired them with my black skinny jeans and a pair of faux leather booties I recently bought.

handkerchief top with black pants

The icing on the cake: This fantastic vegan leather bag by Susan Nicole. Can you believe I won it in a raffle? I wrote about the event (Farm Sanctuary’s Walk for Farm Animals) and blogged about the bag in a previous post, but I still can’t believe I won this! It’s very luxurious.

Susan Nicole bag

Blazers really pull an outfit together. They’re great with pants and skirts, and perfect for cool, air conditioned offices. I love them and I promise to wear them more often!

the top, revealed

The top, which reminds me of a pattern you might see on a fancy scarf, matched really well with my crow necklace. My friend Cheryl (not Cheryl Crow–ha!) gave this to me and it’s a perfect piece for this outfit. Plus, I have two special crow friends who stop by for treats. They know I’m a fan!

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Fall Blazer Day

I’m definitely overdosing on fall colors today, but I don’t mind. I like earth tones and I love orange.

orange pants

Blazer: Thrifted
T-shirt: Victoria’s Secret
Pants: Dickies
Boots: MIA
Scarf: Street vendor

When I first got dressed, I had on a black t-shirt and orange pants. A bit too halloweenish! So I added caramel boots and a light blazer.

blazer and work pants

My pants are by Dickies. When I first discovered Dickies, I thought I was onto something new–until my dad pointed out his work pants. He’s a painter and interior decorator and wears Dickies to work every day (his are white and splattered in paint). I quickly learned that the company, so well-known for work wear, made the leap to fashion.

Levi’s, Carhartt and Doctor Marten’s are also in this category: work wear as fashion. And since I wore this outfit to work (in an office, but still), I think it’s appropriate.

I’m loving the fall colors and how the rain in Seattle brings out the moss.

stump and moss

I’ve joined Visible Monday and Monday Bloom–check out what all the others are wearing! I also joined Thrifter’s Anonymous, where I’m the Thrifter of the Week! Thanks Shana!


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Florals, Dots and Leopard

I went crazy with pattern-mixing in this outfit. It was an experiment and I think I like it.

pattern mixing

Jacket: Forever 21
Pants: Macy’s
T-shirt: Papaya
Satin pumps: Two Lips via DSW

I don’t have a lot of floral pieces in my wardrobe and I really liked the floral jackets I’d seen in magazines. I didn’t want to invest in a jacket with a trendy pattern so I looked at lower-end stores. Forever 21 isn’t my favorite place to shop but I can count on them for inexpensive versions of trends.

floral jacket

I already had the shoes, pants and top so I only had to combine them this way to copy the trend of florals and pattern-mixing. Why does it work? The jacket has black and white in it so the shirt complements it. there’s also green in the jacket so the pants aren’t adding a new element. And leopard is practically a neutral so I thought, “what the heck?”

green pants

It’s a fun look and I can take it down a notch by swapping the leopard shoes for a solid pair. I can swap out the top for a plain T if I want to calm things down even more. But for now, I’m going all out with the colors and patterns. It’s only fashion, right?

I’ve linked up with What I Wore Wednesday at The Pleated Poppy and at Transatlantic Blonde. Check out what other bloggers are wearing!


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Florals and Grape Skinnies

I’ve been upstaged by my cat again. Poor Margo. Alice is blind and can go out with close supervision, and Frankie is a dog who can’t escape the backyard. But Margo is a would-be runaway so she has to stay indoors (or in her catio, which she thinks of as an outdoor prison).

gray blazer

She practically begged me to let her out during this backyard photoshoot.

grape skinnies

Blazer: Smart Set via Goodwill
Blouse: Goodwill
Skinnies: Just USA
Socks: Fred Meyer
Shoes: Thrifted
Belt: Madden Girl
Ring: Old Navy

In case you’re not looking at the part-Siamese bundle of cute trouble in the window, I’m wearing a blazer and blouse from Goodwill and my Just USA skinnies.

Cat in the window

I bought a pair of these in red in a local shop and wore them so often I tracked down the brand online and bought two more pair: grape and olive.

floral ring

It seemed like a good outfit for a huge, frilly ring! I love this little piece of costume jewelry. It’s lightweight and soft. I’d love to try making something like this and gluing it onto a plain ring.

I’ve joined Not Dead Yet for Visible Monday and Color Blind for Thrifters Anonymous. Let’s see what other bold, thrifty women are wearing!


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Woodinville Wine Tasting Tour

A couple of months ago a friend of mine organized a wine tasting trip to Woodinville, a small town outside of Seattle. There were a dozen of us so he rented a bus and hired a driver.

hub cap

Washington State grows excellent grapes and we were in for a treat. Most of the grapes are grown in the eastern part of the state, but Woodinville is a lot closer and despite its small population, has over 40 tasting rooms! We chose five: Airfield Estates Winery, J&M Cellars, Kestrel Winery, Des Voigne Cellars, and Paterson Cellars.

I liked seeing how the wine was aged. Some places use oak barrels while others use metal vats. Seeing the grapes before they were crushed was neat too. The hosts at each winery made the tasting rooms really special.

wine collage

We had great weather so it was fun to wander the grounds and check out the operations.


whites grapes

Needless to say, I bought a bottle of wine at each tasting room.


And what does one wear to a wine tasting tour? Well, I wore jeans and a t-shirt and layered on a blazer. I wore fun pumps with a mid-heel and carried a pink, velvet hobo bag.

wine outfit

pink purse

Top: Target
Blazer: Smart Set via Goodwill
Jeans: Jessica Simpson via swapped
Shoes: Lulu’s
Bag: Swapped
Earrings: Cost Plus World Market

green shoes

Have you been on a wine tasting tour before? I highly recommend it!


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DIY Grommet Blazer Closures

Ooh! I have an easy-peasy DIY project for you! The first time I wore this jacket, I belted it; last time, I wore it open. The reason? It’s too small. But it was a thrifty find and I couldn’t turn it down.

too small

I was tired of not being able to button this baby up, so I went to the craft store and bought grommets. They’re meant for curtains, so I have 5 more sets for other too-small blazers that I might buy. I positioned the grommets over the button and button hole, cut out the hole, snapped in the grommets, and within ten minutes I had a jacket that fits!

new closures

The grommet kit came with a template so I could draw the perfect circle for the grommet. They’re plastic, metal-look grommets and snapped together without any tools.

grommets and ribbon

I bought olive-green, grosgrain ribbon to tie together the jacket, but I can easily swap it out with another color or texture: black, brown, yellow, silky cord, even chain!

up close grommets

I got compliments on this look when I wore it to work–and best of all, it’s not a hack job. It looks like it was made this way!

my outfit

Blazer: Goodwill
T-shirt: Target
Jeans: Jessica Simpson via swapped
Belt: The Vegan Collection
Boots: Novacas

I’ve got to call out my shoes. They’re part of a mini-spree I went on at The Chocolate Shoebox, a vegan shoe and chocolate shop in Seattle. The brick and mortar store is closing and times are tough so I thought I’d support a local, ethical, small business. The boots will cost me 5 points (according to the Wartime Wardrobe Challenge I’m taking part in), but I don’t mind one bit! I got the belt too, but belts aren’t on the list.


These are by Novacas, an all-vegan shoe company that focuses on recycled materials, quality construction, and fair labor. They’re made in Portugal, feel like real suede, are comfy as heck, and don’t make my feet sweaty.

taupe microfiber

I’ve wanted a pair of Novacas for a while now and I’m thrilled to have these ones. I also bought a pair of tall boots, a pair of shoes, four pair of socks, and two t-shirts. Add to that the cardigan I bought a few weeks ago and I’m down to 42 points to spend before I have to start donating to charity!


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Orange Blazer and Jeans

I’m wearing my thrifted orange blazer again. It’s a favorite piece that I keep going back to. And since Lindsay Living is having a thrifting link-up, I thought I should share how I’m wearing it now.

orange blazer

Blazer: Goodwill (Seattle)
T-shirt: H&M via Goodwill (Pittsburgh)
Jeans: Forever 21 via Goodwill (Bellevue)
Boots: Old Navy

I’ve worn this before with dress pants and here I’m wearing it with green and denim, both of which I got at Goodwill too. In fact, only my shoes are new, and they weren’t pricy. It’s a thrifty outfit.

orange and green

I’m laughing because I saved so much money.

Do you check out thrift stores when you travel? I like seeing what lands in shops in other areas and was thrilled to get this sneaker-motif T when I was in Steel City a couple of years ago.

I also have a little DIY project planned for this jacket so when you see it next, it will look a little different.


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