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Rock ‘n’ Roll Look

After all these years, I haven’t narrowed down my look. I like boho, quirky, gothic, punky, or even preppy-inspired outfits. I dress for my mood. Still, there are certain outfits that I feel good in, and certain looks that make me feel tough. This is one of them.

yellow and black

Top: Swapped
Blazer: Laundry by Shelli Segal via thrifted
Jeans: See by Chloé
Boots: Old Navy

It’s chic, with a rock ‘n’ roll vibe. It has masculine qualities, but is very much a woman’s outfit. Even if it doesn’t look badass, it makes me feel badass. It’s Joan Jett and Chrissy Hynde all rolled into one.

rock and roll collage

It has a lot of my favorite pieces (blazer, heels, jeans) but it’s a new take on those items (embellished, booties, yellow).

What types of clothes do you feel best wearing?


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Seen in the Office: Blazer and skirt

Remember how I said I love blazers? Here’s another reason why: My colleague Suchitra threw on a blazer and added instant polish to her blouse and skirt combo.

blazer and skirt

If your office doesn’t allow short sleeves or requires a shirt with a collar, a blazer is a great way to meet that requirement and get more mileage out of other tops you might not otherwise wear to work. I like how Suchi has on a corduroy blazer–something you can wear dressed up or down. The metallic shoes are fantastic–just switch to a pump if your dress code requires closed toed shoes or pantyhose. Even with a sheer toes, pantyhose shouldn’t be worn with sandals.

If your office requires you to wear western-style clothing–like Suchitra’s friend’s does–you don’t have to completely give up your heritage. Earrings and scarves are a great way to add your personal touches. Luckily Suchi can wear anything she wants and sometimes wears a traditional Indian tunic-style top and pants (salwar kameez) to the office.


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Business Casual

My friend Suchitra asked me about business attire because a friend of hers works in an office and needs ideas about how to be creative and stylish within a business setting. I promised to take on this challenge–if she joined me in it! Suchi is very fashionable and always looks great. She was in my blog earlier too.

For the next few days, you’re going to see Suchi and me in our best business casual looks. Remember that we work in a no-dress-code environment. Adjust your look to suit your workplace!

yellow blazer and color-blocked dress

On Jean
Blazer: J. Crew via thrifted
Tank: Wet Seal
Jeans: Gap
Shoes: BCBGirls via thrifted
Bag: Nine West via thrifted

On Suchi
Cardigan: H&M
Dress: Ragamoffyn’s
Boots: Aerosoles 

I’m a big fan of blazers and cardigans. They add polish to an outfit, and are great in chilly, air-conditioned offices. I think women have a lot more leeway with business clothes. We branch out with color, textures, and styles more than men. Shirts and ties are where men add color. Women can get creative head to toe, but I hope men step it up and have fun with fashion too.

Here, I wore a velvet mustard blazer. I’m wearing jeans and a tank top but the jacket and heels pull this look together. If you can’t wear jeans at work, try a long bootcut trouser. Suchitra wore a cardigan over her color-blocked dress. Between that and the boots and tights, she can take a sundress into business territory.

What’s your go-to business look?


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Orange and Green–a Favorite Combination

It’s spring, but in the Pacific Northwest, it’s up and down, weather-wise. We had warm days in February and we’ll have cool days in June. Layering is key.

orange and green collage

Blazer: Forever 21
T-shirt: Old Navy
Pants: Dickies
Cuff: Lauren Harkness
Shoes: John Fluevog

No matter what time of year it is, I’m drawn to secondary colors, especially orange and green. I wore this color combo a few weeks ago, a few weeks before that, and last fall. I never tire of it.


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Red Ruffle Skirt Accessorized with Calico

A few months ago I blogged about a similar outfit. I have this skirt in black and this blazer in purple. I vowed to show off the red and black version and this week seems fitting.

red ruffles

As you probably know, it’s Red and Black week, courtesy of Victoria Kitty at Sophistiqué Noir.

Red and Black Week

My silly cat, Alice, kept photo bombing my pictures. She’s blind, and was drawn to the sound of my footsteps. Every time I set the camera, she’d walk over to it. Then I walked to my spot, and she followed me into the shot.

velvet blazer

I can’t get mad at such a sweet cat, so I made her my accessory. She’s a real heartbreaker. She’s four years old and weighs almost five pounds. She’s been blind from birth and it doesn’t seem to bother her. Thanks to Alice, I tidy up more. A purse on the floor or pair of shoes where they don’t belong is a real tripping hazard. She has the furniture layout memorized at least.

calico cat accessory

Blazer: Doki-Geki
Tank: Express
Skirt: Broadway Boutique
Boots: Mia
Necklace: DIY


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Turquoise and Black Blazer Day

Monday is business day, so what better way to show my work spirit than to don a blazer? I last wore this skirt in the heat of summer–with bare legs and sandals. But it works with tights too.

turquoise and tights

Blazer: Laundry by Shelli Segal via thrifted
T-shirt: Victoria’s Secret
Skirt: Erin McLeod
Tights: Roots Canada
Shoes: Old Navy

This blazer is thrifted–and it’s seen better days. So I did a little DIY and fixed an errant hem. While I was at it, I embellished the edge with some freestyle sewing machinery.

embellished hem

I bought my sewing machine thinking that it would pay for itself if I hemmed just four pairs of pants. I’ve done that–and so much more! I’m a master of straight lines, but that still gives me lots of options.

business casual

Do you own a sewing machine? How do you use it? How did you learn?


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Another eBay Necklace

By now you know jeans and a blazer is my go-to look. It seems dressier than it is. It’s simple, classic, and easy to get right. This time, however, I changed things up a bit by adding a multi-strand necklace.

blazer with necklace

I love how this necklace looks like it’s many separate pieces. They’re all joined together at the clasp and they’re all perfect lengths for a layered look. Best of all, this clocked in at less than $5 on eBay. I just searched for long necklace. In fact, today I checked that search term and this exact piece was the first result. It’s from an online store in China.

necklace detail

You can also search for multistrand necklace or vintage necklace or get more specific with words like key or owl or heart and see what you find.

jeans and blazer

Blazer: Forever 21
Jeans: Citizens of Humanity
Tank: Old Navy
Belt: Forever 21
Earrings: Sosie Designs.
Necklace: eBay
Shoes: Nine West via Goodwill

Have you bought necklaces on eBay? What other places are good for scoring jewelry?


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Gauchos and Mint Green

Guess what? I’m a guestblogger today on Lindsay Living. Have a look.

Here’s a thrifty outfit and one that incorporates a few items I haven’t yet worn. I’m almost finished wearing all of my clothes (I stuck to my New Year’s resolution–hooray!). I have a few summer pieces that will have to wait for nicer weather. I’ve bought a couple of things, but I’m more careful about what I buy and I really ask myself why I “need” certain pieces and how I’ll fit them into my wardrobe (literally and figuratively).


Blazer: Smart Set via thrifted
Top: Sofada
Gauchos: Swapped
Boots: Mia
Necklace: eBay
Earrings: Charlotte Ruche

I’ve worn this blazer a lot. I definitely got my money’s worth with this piece. Today I layered it over a loose-knit top that I picked up in the discount bin of the Sofada booth when I was at the Thread show last fall.

The gauchos were from a clothing exchange I attended in December. I really like their shape but they definitely need to be paired with heels. I’ll be wearing these pieces again.

gray and green


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And the New Year Sparkled

space needle

I spent the last few hours of 2011 laughing hysterically with my friend, Autumn, drinking fine wine with my other friend, Laura, and sharing snacks with my husband. Laura invited about ten of us over to her condo near the Space Needle so we could watch the fireworks and ring in 2012.

The upcoming Bloggers do it Better challenge is sequins, so I carried my sequined purse. I added even more shine with a metallic-threaded tank top and satin blazer. A vintage slip-as-skirt rounded out the look.

new year's look

Blazer: Bebe via Goodwill
Tank: Thrifted
Skirt: eBay
Tights: Hue
Shoes: Manolo Blahnik via consignment
Purse: Swapped
Cuff: Greenbelts
Necklace: eBay

Laura’s place is hip and modern. I snapped a shot of her illuminated plants and the DIY indoor smores setup.

glowing lights


I drank a lot of delicious bubbly and I have Autumn to thank for volunteering to be our designated driver.


Happy New Year! 2012 is going to be great!


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Blazer Day with a Touch of Marigold

This is my go-to look, I’ve decided: Blazer, jeans, and heels.


blue and gold

Blazer: Laundry by Shelli Segal via thrifted
Jeans: Citizens of Humanity
Tank: Papaya
Scarf: DIY
Earrings: Airport kiosk
Shoes: Nine West

Today, I added a DIY t-shirt scarf and I wore open-toed shoes with socks. You might also notice the embellishment at the bottom of the blazer. I did that! The lining was coming undone so I re-hemmed it and while I was at it I did a little freestyle machine sewing. I just turned the jacket this way and that while I sewed until I had a neat pattern.


How do you customize your things? Do you have a signature look?


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