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D&G Giraffe Pants

I can’t believe I’m wearing Dolce & Gabbana giraffe-print pants! Never expected to own a pair until I found these at Second Time Around Consignment in Boston. Yes, I’m still showing off my haul from the Boston trip Donna and I took in June. I hit the consignment store jackpot.

giraffe pants

These retail for about $600 (if you compare them to similar styles on the D&G website), but I got them for $40. The best part, and probably the reason I’ll never part with them, is that on the inside of the waistband is a label that reads “Kimberly Gordon.” It’s completely separate from the D&G label. Could these have once belonged to Sonic Youth bassist Kim Gordon?


Probably not, but I like to think that they were, and that she put the name tag in them so that when the dry cleaning and laundry was done on the road, all the items could be redistributed to their rightful owners. (Although, I don’t think anyone would get confused and think these were Thurson Moore’s!)

green and brown

If anyone can confirm this, let me know. They’re a probably a size 2. Is Kim? Oh, that brings me to the only problem with the pants. I’m not a size 2. So I did what any brand-loving cheapskate would do. I bought one of those belly bands that pregnant women wear to get more use out of their pants before they have to switch to maternity wear. I have no shame. I keep the pants unzipped, layer on the smoothing belly band, and then throw on a shirt. It works! Try it after Thanksgiving dinner.

So now you know my secret. Would you go this far for a cool item?

animal print pants

I’m participating in Thrifters Anonymous and Visible Monday. Check out those sites to see what others are wearing.


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The Fashion Truck and SOWA Market

One of the highlights of my trip to Boston was finding The Fashion Truck, a mobile store on wheels that shows up in different parts of the city. Think food truck with clothes!

fashion truck

I’d heard of the truck and vowed to track it down if I was ever in Beantown. When Donna and I visited in June, we walked from our hotel to the SOWA Open Market and found the truck there too.

fashion truck and more

I introduced myself to Emily, the owner of The Fashion truck, and perused the space. The back of the truck has neat spaces for clothes and accessories–and a tent and tables outside, showcased even more cute dresses, tops, and jewelry.

accessories in the truck

I bought a cool pair of aviators, which you can see perched on my head in the following shot, and a couple of wrap bracelets. Emily was great and explained her vision for the store. She curates it with hand-picked pieces and packs a lot into a small space without it feeling cramped. Theres even a fitting room. And yes, an online store.

inside SOWA's artist lofts

Top: Thrifted
Shorts: Lulu’s
Sunglasses: The Fashion Truck
Bag: Nine West via thrifted
Bracelets: Gifted
Shoes: Timberland

But the truck was just the beginning. The SOWA is an open market featuring food, art, vintage clothing and goods, and a host of other fun things. I bought a necklace from the Pearl Shop, and Donna snagged a fantastic gray and rose skirt from the indoor vintage mall. We had cool gaspacho from a food truck, and got lost in an array of jewelry and knick knacks. We even found a cool vintage shop in a retro silver trailer: Haberdash Vintage. Loved their bags, shoes, and jewelry.

sowa collage

Have you been to SOWA or other markets? What do you like shopping for?


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Boston Trolley Tour

Here are some shots from the trolley tour I took in Boston. It’s a beautiful city with a rich history.

This is Trinity Church, the only building in Boston (and only church) honored as one of the “Ten Most Significant Buildings in the United States” by the American Institute of Architects (AIA).

Trinity Church Collage

Here’s the beautiful Boston Public Library.

Boston Public Library

Some people look like they can walk on water.

walking on water

Even a non-baseball-fan like me knows about Fenway Park and The infamous Green Monster.

Fenway Park

The architecture in Boston is amazing.

Boston residences

more residences

The Massachusetts State House is recognizable by its gold dome.

MA State House

A plaque dedicated to Paul Revere, patriot in the American Revolution.

Paul Revere plaque

Custom House, a skyscraper, near the waterfront.

Custom House

One of the last remains of the elevated arterial road that used to cut through downtown. The road is underground now, thanks to a project called the Big Dig, America’s most expensive highway effort.

steel post


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Boston Blogger Meetup

While planning our trip to Boston, my friend Donna suggested a blogger meetup. I jumped at the chance to meet The Boston Fashionista and Katy Rose of Modly Chic. I wouldn’t have suggested the meetup because Donna’s not a blogger and I didn’t want her to be bored. She is, however, a fashionista, and she fit in well. She was kind enough to take a picture of the three bloggers:

three bloggers

I’m glad she did: Shortly after taking this shot, and while chatting about blogs and travel and other things, the skies opened up and it poured! I’m used to the light Seattle mist they call rain, but this was different. This was a typical east coast downpour.

We were at The Reef, enjoying drinks and a view of the water, so we moved from the patio to the tent that serves as a bar and dining area. Finally the rain stopped. I walked 50 feet to the building where the restrooms are and when I came out, it was pouring again! I had to join Donna, Katy, and Kristen, but I waited–and then I ran! I calculated the risks. I was wearing wedges but they were stable. I could avoid puddles, and I had on a dark top so there would be no wardrobe malfunctions.

It took me about 5 seconds to get back to the tent–but I couldn’t get in! all the sides were zipped up! I panicked and ran from one panel to the next, getting wetter and wetter until finally I saw a hand waving out from between two flaps. I hurried in and was greeted by cheers from all the patrons–and hysterical laughter from Donna.

wet blogger

Luckily, it was warm and I dried off before our meetup was done. Kristen even took our photo and, as you can see, I’m waterproof:

Jean and Donna

Oh, I was so happy when after the meetup, Kristen changed from sit down shoes to transit riding shoes. I’d walked all day in flat boots and changed into my wedges for the meetup. We like style, but we know the value of comfort.

earlier that day


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Summertime in Boston

A few weeks ago I went to Boston with my friend Donna. We took a road trip a couple of years ago and liked the idea of exploring another part of the US. We’d never been to Boston, but we’d heard great things about it. Let me tell you: Beantown didn’t disappoint!

The original Cheers

We walked all over the city, exploring the quaint antique stores and shops on Charles Street, wandering through Boston Common and the Public Garden, dining and window shopping on Newberry Street, wandering the winding, cobblestone streets to Faneuil Hall and the waterfront, and shopping at the SOWA Market in the south end.

On our first day, we focused on Boston Common, and Charles Street.

Boston Collage

We got to meet Kristen, The Boston Fashionista and Katy Rose of Modly Chic. We found The Fashion Truck. There’s so much history in Boston–we even took a trolley tour to learn about the city. I took over 300 photos that weekend, and culling it to just a few was hard! I promise to share more with you soon.

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