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Black and Seafoam Dress

dress and cardi

Dress: Shop in Canada
Cardi: Smart Set
Shoes: Timberland
Necklace: Santa Fe street vendor
Bracelets: Various places

The dress is sleeveless, low-cut, and short, so I wore it with a coral cardigan and casual sandals. I didn’t need to vamp it up. I added a bunch of inexpensive stretchy bracelets for an impromptu arm party. These are from places like Claire’s, and shops around town. If it fit with the color scheme, it went on my arm.

arm party

I might try this with a blazer too.

tie dress

Do you hang onto clothes or is your closet lean and mean? According to many people, “if you haven’t worn it for a year, toss it.” But I really like this dress; I just don’t always get to things in my closet. I tend to prefer collecting clothes, and I keep them as long as they’re in good shape, fit well, and suit me.

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A Multitude of Bracelets

Welcome to another Bloggers do it Better challenge courtesy of Pretty Shiny Sparkly. Each challenge showcases real women rocking a current trend. This time it’s arm candy. I like jewelry but I usually subscribe to a less-is-more approach. Big earrings or a necklace. A cocktail ring or a bracelet. Turns out that sometimes more is more. If it weren’t for this challenge I never would have tried wearing all this bling at the same time.


casual outfit

denim shorts

T-shirt: Target
Shorts: Calvin Klein
Shoes: Urban Outfitters
Ring: Old Navy

The bracelets are from all over the country. I chose them for the combination of colors but they also represent three of the last four trips I’ve taken. They are (from wrist to elbow): silver cubes, a boutique in Portland; turquoise strand, a street vendor in Santa Fe; olive glass beads, a street vendor in Pittsburgh; icy blue quartz, another vendor in Santa Fe.

My outfit was so casual but wearing an armload of bracelets made things seem a bit dressier, or at least more deliberate. I never knew that stacking bracelets would create a cuff-type effect. It’s a great way to remix and reuse the jewelry I already have.

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