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Back to Fashion’s Night Out at the Bravern

Last year, the Mister and I went to Fashion’s Night Out at the Bravern. We had so much fun, we did it again this year. First Mr. Jean of all Trades checked in. He looked fine. I was impressed that he left the suit behind and went with a Perry Ellis sweater and H&M slim-fit pants. It was more risky, but it paid off.


Then we listened to a band. Don’t you just love her shoes?


Last year, I drooled over Jimmy Choos; this year, I had my own pair. Of course I wore them to the event. We decided to head over to Jimmy Choo. On the way, I was distracted by the wonderful pattern- and texture-mixing in the window of Tory Burch.

Tory Burch

We went in so I could drool over the gold cuffs and double-wrap bracelets.

bling at Tory Burch

I sipped on champagne…

champagne at Tory Burch

And thought of all the ways I could wear these black riding boots: maxi skirts, tights and minis, over skinnies. Endless options and a classic boot.

classic riding boot

The fall collection is fantastic and the store drew a crowd.

Tory Burch collage

We dropped by Karen Millen too. I love the asymmetrical coats and shapely dresses. Everything has such structure, but was still feminine. A great combination of tough and soft.

Karen Millen

Finally, we made it to Jimmy Choo. I chatted with the wonderful associates who work there.

chatting at Choo

The champagne was flowing here too. Then, the wonderful, always glamorous Sarah Hulbert and her husband arrived. She picked up an extra swag bag for me while she was at The Bellevue Collection’s VIP lounge. So sweet! You can see the bag–red with white text and pictures of models–in this picture.

champagne at Choo

We did the red carpet thing–a must at an event like this.

red carpet

Here you can see my whole outfit. I wore an H&M dress, carried an oversized Asos clutch, and wore my Jimmy Choo shoes. My necklace is from Buffalo Exchange.

There was so much to see–we didn’t even get upstairs to David Laurence. I did pop into Anthropologie with Sarah. After we said our good-byes, I poked into Neiman Marcus and ogled the Stella McCartney bags. Amazing!

What a night! did you go out for Fashion’s Night Out?


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Fashion’s Night Out at Bravern

This past Thursday was Fashion’s Night Out. There were events held all over the country (and world). Over 250 cities in the USA participated in this after-hours shopping extravaganza. Downtown Seattle had an event. So did Nordstrom in Bellevue. Mr. Jean of all Trades and I, however, chose to attend the party at The Bravern, an upscale collection of shops and restaurants.

The Bravern had a wine garden complete with live band in their outdoor courtyard. Wandering between stores like Hermès and Jimmy Choo, we found live mannequins.


Stylish people perused the breezeways, looking at the latest fashions. It’s was a perfect night for an outdoor event.

stylish people

Neiman Marcus had a fashion show on ther upper level. I love how the translucent butterflies adorning the mezzanine made it look like it was snowing. It was a gentle reminder that these 80 degree days won’t last much longer. If that didn’t get people in the mood for fall shopping, nothing would.

inside Neiman Marcus

My husband had his eye on a few models as well. Models of a different kind. As you can see, the well-heeled attended this event. (I wonder if they would have valet-parked my Honda.)

Ferrari and Lambo

He snapped a few pictures and texted them to his friends.


I read that houndstooth was big for fall. Salvatore Ferragamo is betting on it. You too can wear houndstooth all the way to the soles of your shoes (Don’t worry, I think they take AmEx).


I arrived in silk shorts and a ruched top from H&M (Don’t tell anyone my entire outfit—not counting the clutch—was under $100). I wanted to see if I could make shorts dressy. The key was the fabric (silk) and the shoes (high).

I was also playing around with color and wanted to see how to mix pink and red in the same outfit. The trick, I found out, is to go for a soft blush pink and a wine red. A bright pink and tomato red would work too but the effect would be bolder.

blush and slate

Top: H&M
Shorts: H&M
Shoes: Nine West
Earrings: Premier
Cuff: Greenbelts
Clutch: Vamp Bags

close-up of outfit

As much as I like fashion, I also like a bargain. I want to look like a million without spending a fortune. The Bravern is a great place to people-watch and get ideas. In all fairness, there’s an Anthropologie and a few pieces in the junior’s department in Neiman Marcus are not out of my usual price range. But many of the stores are filled with the stuff of dreams.

A girl can dream, right?

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