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Street Style: Bright Tights and Over-the-Knee Boots

When I ran into Elly wearing this awesome patterned dress, bright tights, and over-the-knee boots, I just had to take her picture. Luckily, she didn’t mind.

tights and patterned dress

What’s weirdly coincidental is that on this very day, I was also wearing a light-colored, patterned dress, bright tights, and tall boots. There was something in the air, I guess. Or perhaps we both got the memo.

The boho-inspired dress is fantastic, with it’s grape-y and wine-hued designs. I’m glad she chose bold tights too. It adds just the right amount of punch. And the boots! It’s hard to pull off the over-the-knee look. Sometimes it can be too sexy. But Elly bought a pair with a cute wedge heel. They’re really fun yet still appropriate for work.


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Bright Tights, Big City

By now you know I love a challenge. This month’s Everybody, Everywear challenge is tights! I love tights, so participating is a no-brainer.

I debuted a hot pink pair of tights that I bought at Target a month or two ago. They’re slightly merled, and oh so comfy. First, I paired them with a multi-colored patterned skirt and purple top but it was too busy for me. So I changed into this subdued ensemble to let the tights shine.

pink tights

gray and pink

Dress: Boutique in LA
Shrug: Thrifted
Tights: Target
Cuff: Greenbelts
Scarf: Fred Meyer’s
Shoes: Payless

I knew I was onto something when the first person I saw at the coffee shop said, “nice tights!” I guess they do get noticed.


Tight Tips:

  • When shopping for tights, look for denier. The larger the number the more opaque they will be. If you don’t want to see through your tights, go with at least 40 or 50 denier. Thick cotton or wool tights might be 80 or 100.
  • If you buy tights that have cardboard in them for shelf appeal, bend the cardboard before removing it so you don’t snag the tights.
  • Moisturize your legs and feet before putting on your tights, and make sure your nails are smooth.
  • Before you put on your tights, gather the fabric to scrunch up the leg and slip your toes into them so you don’t snag the tights.
  • Pull your tights up gently with the pads of your fingers, never with your nails. Running a damp hand up your leg after your tights are on will help grip the tights and pull them up higher without poking a hole in them.
  • Before you put your shoes, on, pull the toe of the tights to take the pressure off the fabric and help prevent holes in the toes.
  • If your tights won’t stay up, try wearing a pair of boy-cut underwear over the tights.
  • If you get a small run in your tights, paint clear nail polish on the spot to prevent it from running further.
  • Always hand-wash your tights or put them in a lingerie bag before putting them in the washer (and hang them to dry instead of using the dryer).

Check out how all the others are wearing tights at Everybody, Everywear.


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