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Guest Blogger: 70/30 Remix

~ by Carmen Coburn

People use only 70% of their wardrobes—at least that’s what I recently heard on the radio.

I checked my closet and it looks the other way around in there—I use only 30% of it. Now it’s not that I don’t like the other 70% or have gained weight and can’t wear some outfits (I’ve weighed 115 pounds all my adult life!) So I have a challenge for myself; in the next 30 days I must wear something different every day. No repeats. Not only should I wear a different outfit each day, but each outfit has to include mostly clothes I haven’t worn for a while—things that lie forgotten in my drawers and closet!

I won’t count shoes (I’ll have to wear some of mine a few times), but I will try hard to use as many pairs as possible without repeating. Accessories apply; I have so many scarves and so much jewellery I could open a shop!

In the next month, try not to shop—shop your closet instead and let’s see the gems we find hiding in there!

Care to join me?

carmen in grey skirt

Jacket: Spanner
Pullover: American Eagle
Kilt: Le Chateau
Tights: Roots
Boots: Fugitive

Carmen at window

Hoodie: Kraft Mandu (Nepal)
Pullover: Jeanne Pierre
Jeans: Bluenotes
Sneakers: Nike

Carmen in silver

Jacket: Laura
Top: From Germany
Pants: Kensie (the Bay)
Boots: Aldo

Carmen in black

Cap: Roxy
Scarf: RW & Co.
Coat: Joe Fresh
Cardigan: Smart Set
Pants: Le Chateau
Boots: Aldo

Carmen is a dance instructor who spends all her money on clothes and teddy bears 😉 She currently doesn’t have a blog of her own , but is considering entering the blogosphere. She lives in Canada and runs the blog, Fashionable over 50.


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