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Shadow Shot: Oregon Travels

I recently visited the Oregon coast and Portland, Oregon with my husband and dog. Oregon is a beautiful state south of Washington and north of California. It has great, windswept beaches, gorgeous mountain ranges, fantastic forests, a hot desert region, and cool cities. It’s prime wine country too.

We started in Cannon Beach, a tiny town and beach along the Pacific Ocean in the northwest corner of Oregon. The first recorded visit to Cannon beach was by William Clark of the Lewis and Clark Expedition. Of course, the Tilamook Indians already lived here.

Cannon Beach

Terrence and Frankie walked ahead of me on the wide, sandy beach. I like how instead of shadows, they are reflected in the wet sand. We stayed in a quaint cottage right next to the beach. The “tsunami zone” signs worried me a bit but the location was prime.


Portland is an hour inland. We drove along a twisty, two-lane highway through a forest, back to the interstate, and on to the city. Hats off to this town of half a million and their dedication to public art.

metal hat sculpture

The architecture in downtown Portland is wonderful. If you visit, you’re in for a treat. You’ll find plenty of shopping, restaurants, parks, and a live music scene that will keep you busy any night of the week.

fire escapes

Hey Harriet has a wonderful weekly photo challenge so people can submit their shadowy shots—pictures that show the play of light and dark. Check out her site for lots of inspiring photography.


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