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Me too! And that’s why I pried mine off my keyboard and have plans to turn it into a brooch. And no, it’s not polite to press people’s buttons. So don’t touch my brooch.

caps lock key

My solution might not be elegant, but it does raise a good question: Is there a need for caps lock anymore? If I want to type one or two capital letters, I simply hold down the Shift key. If I want to type a whole sentence in caps lock I first ask myself if it’s really necessary. If it is, I’ll usually highlight the words and change the font to “All caps.” That way, I’m free to change it back when I realize that the written equivalent of yelling at someone isn’t a good move.

Do to this in Word, highlight the words, right-click, and choose Font. In the Font dialog box, check the box next to “All caps.”

caps lock

Recently, I found a few tech blogs where people were testing keyboard prototypes that didn’t have a Caps Lock key. That’s promising. I’ve seen smart phones that have a handy “.com” key on the touch keyboard. Nice!

There’s a way to remap a keyboard and switch the keys internally. Some people switch the Ctrl key and the Caps Lock key (thinking that pressing the Ctrl key accidentally doesn’t inflict as much damage. Or perhaps the remapping crowd uses Ctrl more).

Hat’s off to those of you who dare to remap your keyboards. I know I’d mess that up so I won’t even try.

What key would you prefer to have at the disposal of your left pinky? June 28th and October 22nd are International Caps Lock Days. How will you celebrate? Care to pry off a key with me this year?

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