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Tough Love

I feel a little tough in this outfit. Sure the t-shirt says “love,” but the style is all attitude. If you know me though, you know I can’t really be a tough chic–as much as I’d like to.

tough love

Faux leather jacket: Forever 21
T-shirt: Forever 21
Pants with belt: Macy’s
Boots: G by Guess (at T.J. Maxx)

I got this jacket at Forever 21. Nothing to be proud of really, but it was a non-leather replacement for a leather jacket I got rid of. Sometimes going cheap is a good way to get vegan leather alternatives–as long as it doesn’t fall apart and end up in a landfill in two weeks!

black and olive

My boots are also faux. They’re G by Guess, and I guess that’s their lower-end line. Suits me fine. They’re comfortable and who doesn’t want a nice combat boot? I’ve even worn these with long and short skirts for a 90s grunge vibe.

thinking of Morrissey

True confession: I wore this exact outfit to Portland when I saw Morrissey perform a few months back. I don’t often repeat outfits exactly, but I like this one.

cargo pants

Today I’ve joined up with the Anything & Everything blog hop at My Thrifty Chic. Anything goes, so hop on over and see what other people are wearing, making or doing.

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Red Wedges for the Conference

I’m usually a light packer. Carry-on restrictions force me to edit my travel wardrobe. But this past weekend I didn’t have as many limitations. I drove to Portland for a vegan bloggers conference. I might have packed five pair of shoes but I’m not admitting to anything!

stripes and khaki

Top: Swapped
Pants: Swapped
Shoes: Payless
Necklace: The Vegan Woman
Bracelets: Boutique on Bainbridge Island
Tote: NARN

Part of my wardrobe dilemma was weather. Rain, sun, warm days, cool nights. It’s hard to pack for all that. I packed heels for a gala, flats to go with my capris, boots for rainy days and well, the wedges were not at all necessary, but I like them.

neutrals and red

In the end, instead of packing “outfits,” I packed various items that all went together so I could assemble them on the day of, depending on the weather. A tank top, t-shirt, cardigan, and light sweater covered the bases for my tops. Jeans capris, cargo pants, and a maxi skirt gave me variety for the bottoms. A denim jacket was the perfect evening piece and worked with everything but my jeans (that’s just too much denim!).

I wore my new “vegan” necklace too (and packed a cute empty cage necklace by The Sapphire Bee). I thought they were a good fit for the theme of the conference.

vegan necklace

You can read about the pre-conference (my first day in Portland) on my other blog. I had great luck with airbnb, and I found cute shops and vegan bars. What’s not to love?


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Show Me the Monkey

Today I started with an accessory—an amazing red monkey-head necklace from my friend Angie—and picked out my clothes afterward. I was so happy when Angie gave me the necklace. It was totally out of the blue. She made it for me because she knew I liked fashion (and monkeys).

It’s still feeling cool in the Pacific Northwest, so I wore a long-sleeved T and baggy cargo pants.



Top: Old Navy
Pants: Macy’s
Necklace: DIY by Angie
Shoes: Timberland

Sometimes the cuff on my pants unrolls—it seems like the buttoned tabs that holds them up are not evenly placed. What do you expect for $11? I might tack them with  a couple of stitches so they don’t unroll. I will lose the option of wearing these unrolled, but I haven’t worn them that way yet, so I don’t have a lot to lose.

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