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Blue on Blue

I don’t often wear one color tête-à-toe but I did today. I broke up the wall of blue with pea green boots and a winter-white scarf. One day I looked in my scarf drawer and realized all my scarves are brightly hued. So I vowed to buy a neutral scarf. When I saw this one at the Thread Show, I snagged it.

blue and green

Top: Old Navy
Jeans: Gap via thrifted
Boots: Naughty Monkey via thrifted
Scarf: Wildlife Works
Earrings: Sosie Designs

I like Wildlife Works’ philosophy. They employ people in Africa in a fair-trade, sustainable garment industry so they don’t have to resort to hunting or forestry to make a living. I like the scarf because it’s soft and long and can be worn many different ways. It has a subtle print. The t-shirts they make have graphic prints too, but they have their own unique twist. They’re very unusual and completely wearable.

If anyone tells you that blue and green should never be seen, tell them it’s nonsense! Look at the sky and the mountains next to each other and tell me they don’t match.

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Casual Look for Running Errands

So what does Jean of all Trades wear to run errands on the weekend? Here’s what I wore recently: A fun, comfortable jacket, soft, comfy leggings, and funky (okay, and comfortable too) boots.

denim trench

Coat: Thrifted at Labels
Scarf: Thrifted
Leggings: The Bay
Boots: Thrifted at Labels

It’s hard to wear this jacket. It’s a casual coat but I can’t pair it with jeans. That would be a denim overload! I usually wear it with skinny jeans in bold hues. Today I thought it would make a nice cover-up for the tights and T.


I’ve had these leggings since the 90s, when they were last fashionable. I was in college, and wore them with huge, oversize men’s shirts and 8-hole Dr Martens. Leggings were trendy in the 80s too, when I was in junior high. Back then I wore them with huge, oversize t-shirts and pointy flats.

I don’t have any tights from junior high, but I kept these ones from college because they’re warm and comfortable. Even when they weren’t “in style” I would wear them at home, to bed, or under jeans when it got cold outside.

If I’d known then how durable they would be, I’d have stocked up. From a cost-per-wear perspective, these have made me money!

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Simple Denim Look

Here’s an outfit I pulled together when I was feeling casual. I don’t always dress to the nines everywhere I go (far from it, actually). It’s basically jeans and a long-sleeve t-shirt, but I added a few extras.

jeans and a T

Top: Kensie
Jeans: Citizens of Humanity
Shoes: John Fluevog
Necklace: Gifted
Laptop bag: Solo

Nothing in this outfit is thrifted, which is rare for me. However, I managed to get the top and jeans on sale. I’ve joined a few online member-type sale sites and I’ve found some great deals.

It can be tough when beautiful items pop into my inbox every day. I have to remind myself about what I really need and what’s just another pretty thing. Also, just because it’s 50% off doesn’t mean the sale price is a deal. But, self-discipline aside, there are good places to find nice things—without leaving the house. I’ll do a write-up about what I like about the sites I peruse.


These shoes were technically free. I say technically because I paid the full price for them—using a Visa gift card that I was awarded for good service in a role I participated in at work. So even though they cost money, it was free money.

I didn’t want to use the card here and there—groceries, fuel, a latté or two and a couple of knick-knacks—and then have nothing to show for my award. So I bought the shoes as a reminder of a job well done. They’re much more useful than a silly plaque (which is what I’ve received in the past for merits). These shoes are my trophy. I’ll wear them with a skirt soon so you can see the neat studded detailing on the straps.


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