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Answering the Call

What comes around goes around. Look at the nifty new phone receiver I bought for my smartphone.

phone receiver

I love technology, but I get nostalgic sometimes. As I kid, my parents had a large, wall-mounted rotary phone in the kitchen. As a teen, we had a desk phone–complete with push buttons. The Princess phone in my room when I was a teen was much slimmer shape. When I first moved on my own I had a “modern,” sleek desk phone with a square receiver.

I still couldn’t afford the “brick” cell phones that were hitting the market. By the time the flip phone was introduced cell phones were more affordable–but I went for the cheaper “candy bar” style.

Now I carry a computer in my pocket. And while I love the convenience of GPS, Internet and email access, and the ability to tweet from anywhere, I miss the comfort of old skool phones. They were made with design and functionality in mind.

cell phone with old school receiver

When I plugged this into my HTC and put this receiver up to my ear, a lifetime of happy telephone memories came flooding back to me. The receiver lined up with my mouth so my callers could hear me clearly. It felt right in my hand. I didn’t accidentally hang up on people. The lip around the edge of my cell phone (created by the protective case) is uncomfortable. The receiver cupped my ear gently.

Of course I still make quick calls on the phone without the receiver. And I have an earbud for hands-free talking. But when I sit down for a long conversation when I dial up mom, this is my new go-to accessory.


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