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T-shirt Dress at Alki Beach

When summer is in full swing, Seattle can look a bit like California. Especially Alki beach. Today I went to Alki (pronounced AL-kye) beach with hubby. We checked out the Alki Art Fair, walked along the saltwater beach, checked out a few stores, and then ate lunch on a patio. Perfect summer day.

alki beach

Dress with belt: Sears
Shoes: Timberland
Purse: Shiraleah
Bangles: Sears
Sunglasses: Convenience store

shoulder detail

My dress was in the Sears clearance section for a mere $16. It came with a faux suede belt. I liked the simplicity of the shape, the color (chartreuse?) and the cutaway shoulders.


If you look closely in this next picture, you can see the Space Needle (left side). Alki is in West Seattle, so I took this shot looking back toward Seattle.


Before lunch, we stopped in the beach house where I found a retrospective display of swimwear. The outfit here is a men’s suit from the 1930s.


Lunch was delicious. We went to a great little pub that served quinoa burgers and margaritas. When I think of the name, I’ll add it to this post. No, the drinks weren’t that strong; I was so deep in conversation with my husband I forgot to remember!

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