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Wartime Wardrobe Challenge

You might have seen the Wartime Wardrobe Challenge badge on the right side of this blog. What is that? Well, it’s an ingenious way to monitor and limit consumption by using the clothes rationing coupon system used in the UK during WWII, when supplies and raw materials were limited. The US also had rations for things like tires, canned food, penicillin, silk, nylon, and footwear. In fact, during WWII in the US, jeans were declared an essential commodity and were sold only to people engaged in defense work.


So, for the next year (or how ever long I can last), I’ll be rationing my consumption by using 66 coupons. Not 66 items. For example, a dress is worth 7 coupons. A pair of socks is worth one. Every time I buy something, I’ll give up a few coupons.

I want to become more aware of what I buy, buy better quality things that last, and buy things in a mindful way. It won’t matter (for this experiment) whether a pair of shoes costs me $20 or $200. I’ll use 5 coupons either way. So this will help me spend wisely.

the rules

I found this idea on jesse.anne.o’s blog. The idea is a collaboration between Little House in Town and The Double Life of Mrs. M. You can see the rationing chart for more details. I modified the rules above so the currency was in US dollars. Everything else is the same.

The good news is clothing exchanges and second-hand clothes don’t require coupons–and you know how I love thrift stores! It’s going to be a great way to stick to ethical shopping too. I think I can do this. Care to join me?

Go to Little House in Town’s site to get the badge and join the fun!


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