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Color Blocking: Jewel-tones

I vividly recall telling my dear readers that I had recently put away my tights until fall. Well, I’m taking that back. Fortunately they’ve been “put away” to the bottom drawer and are easily retrievable. And while it’s true that I’d hoped to not need them for a few months, it’s still cool in these parts. Tomorrow though, promises nice weather.

Today I tried color blocking, starting with this bright raspberry-colored dress.

raspberry dress

It’s a bit too low-cut for work, so I layered it over a turquoise tank top. Sometimes I can’t get away with empire-waist dresses, but this one seemed okay. It lies flat on the stomach and I don’t (I hope) look pregnant (not that there’s anything wrong with that—unless, of course, you’re not prego). The purple tights were close to the shade of my shoes (black), but added a bit of color. The bag made up for the brightness of the missing sun.

yellow bag

Cardigan: Thrifted
Dress: Nordstrom
Tank top: Wet Seal
Tights: Nordstrom
Shoes: Payless
Bag: Snap Design


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Sunshine on My Shoulder

If sunshine on his shoulder made John Denver happy, you can imagine my elation at this: I have a bright yellow shoulder bag and I just went to Santa Fe! Now, full disclosure: I was there this past weekend and I’m back already, but for the next few days, I’ll get you caught up on the happenings. I’ll start with an uneventful trip to the airport, aka, “what I wore on the plane.”

new mexico

A few weeks ago I bought a fabulous vegan shoulder bag in the brightest yellow possible. I found it at Strut, a shoe-and-accessory store in Seattle’s Phinney Ridge neighborhood. The bag is by Portland designer, Michelle Kline. I couldn’t wait to use it, and thought it would be a great carry-on bag. Plus, in Santa Fe, it would be a great purse for my shopping trips and art gallery walks.

Last week I also picked up this tunic at Damselfly in Ballard. It could be worn as a dress, but I’d probably save that for fall and pair it with tights. It will make a great bathing suit cover-up in Santa Fe, and it’s a comfortable shirt to travel in.

yellow bag

loading the car

Tunic: Damselfly
Jeans: Bluenotes
Belt: Thrifted
Cuff: Gifted
Bag: Snap Design
Shoes: Timberland
Wrap: Street Vendor in NYC

I always try to pack light (one suitcase, carry-on size). I also try to pack items that I can mix and match so I have a lot of choices with a limited number of pieces. For Santa Fe, this included: cropped jeans, leggings, tunic, casual dress, evening dress, reversible skirt, three tank tops, maxi skirt, denim jacket, cardigan, bathing suit, ballet flats, flat sandals, chunky sandals, heels for evening, two wraps, sunglasses, shoulder bag, cross-body bag, clutch.

I could have packed less, but I wore all my pieces. During the day, the temperatures in Santa Fe were in the high 70s, but in the evenings it dropped to mid-40s. I needed a variety of styles (shopping, dining, galleries), and I needed layers.

One thing you shouldn’t forget, no matter where you are this spring and summer: Sunscreen. Sunburns and premature wrinkles (not to mention skin cancer) are never in style.

Tune in tomorrow for Shopping with Friends in Santa Fe.


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