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Gray and White Thrifty Look

I just came back from vacation in Germany and while I sort, edit and cull my photos, I thought I’d share a thrifty look I wore shortly before I left for my trip.

gray and white

Top: Swapped
Pants: Suzy Shier
Shoes: Swapped
Bag: Thrifted

I picked up this top at a clothing exchanges a few years ago. It belonged to my friend Andrea, whose style I admire. At another clothing exchange, my friend Kristin handed these awesome wedges to me. She knew they were my size and, since I love her style sense too, she knew I’d like these.

gray fabric wedges and cords

The shoes and top work great with my cropped cords. I’ve had these for years. And they were only $5 from the Suzy Shier outlet in Cambridge, Ontario, the town my parents lived in for a while.

flowy top and cropped cords

My Harvey’s seatbelt bag was thrifted, and was also about $5, making this one of the least expensive outfits I own. Reduce, reuse, recycle!

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Citrus Sweater and Cords

Yellow and gray–again? I know! I wore this color combo a few weeks ago.

citrus and gray

Sweater: Marshall’s
Jeans: Big Star via swapped
Boots: Cri de Coeur
Clutch: Alchemy Goods
Necklace: Florida shop
Cuff: Rogue City Killers

Both outfits feature metallic boots, but these have a heel and are slightly dressier than my silver combat-style boots. And this time, I opted for pants instead of a skirt. The pants are from a clothing exchange I went to recently. I’d never heard of Big Star but they fit great, so I took them. Turns out they’re over $130. Score!

yellow sweater with pants

My necklace was sewn onto a top I bought in Florida. I cut the stitches keeping the two items together and now I wear them separately. How would I have washed the top with jewelry still attached?

necklace, cuff and clutch

Despite being the brightest, acid yellow, I get a lot of wear out of this sweater. I do like pairing it with gray, but I’ll show you soon how I wear it other ways too–with denim, floral, black, white…

cords and recycled rubber

I’m joining linkups today: Monday Bloom and Style Elixir. Check out what everyone is wearing!


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Patience Pays off in Cords

Months ago I saw a pair of amazing, rust-colored, corduroy flares on the Free People website. They were so boho. I wanted them. But I’m cheap saving for a house so I didn’t fork over the money. I did, however, bookmark the page. Every now and then I’d return to it. No change. And then, a couple of weeks ago I checked and they were 50% off. And only my size was left. Three seconds later they were in my shopping cart and on their way to me. It wasn’t the deal of the century but I saved a bunch by waiting. And that’s worth something.

rusty cords

Sweater: Thrifted
Pants: Free People
Boots: Dr Martens
Bag: Crystalyn Kae
Earrings: Sears

cherry blossoms

I am just as happy with my new pants as I am with the cherry blossoms on the tree in front of my place. It’s still chilly–it even snowed last week–but there are definite signs of spring.


Have you waited for the price of something to drop before buying it?

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