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Blue, Gray, and a Cowl-neck Scarf

I found another way to wear my Ivan Grundahl skirt. I got it on sale a few years ago, but even on sale, designer threads aren’t cheap. But my cost per wear is getting lower. I’m glad I bought this piece. I feel like it’s timeless.

blue and gray

Jacket: Swapped
Sweater: Target
Belt: Ross Dress for Less
Watch and cuff: Thrifted
CowlScarf City
Skirt: Ivan Grundahl
Boots: Prada via consignment

Today I paired my skirt with denim, navy, and a pair of thrifted, microfiber Prada boots. In the past, I’ve worn it with fuchsia, green, and even dusty rose.

pink cowl tops it off

I have enjoyed my cowl-neck scarf a lot too. I was so happy when Rosalind, owner of Scarf City, made me a custom non-wool scarf. I find wool terribly itchy and I’m on a quest to not wear animal products of any kind. This cotton scarf did the trick!


I’m joining Visible Monday today. Check out all the other visible women at Not Dead Yet Style.


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Capris and a Cowl Neck

Look, it’s my Boodlebag again! I told you I use it a lot. Today I paired it with my favorite cowl neck top, a delicate cardigan, and my periwinkle Flexx sandals.

periwinkle and denim

shoes and purse

Top: Jacob
Cardigan: Ross Dress for Less
Jeans: True Originals
Earrings: DIY
Shoes: Flexx
Purse: Boodlebags
Cat: Petfinder

My top has a bit of a story to it. I found it when I was visiting my parents last summer, at a well-known Canadian store called Jacob. I bought it, packed it, and ruined the second I unpacked. It snagged on my suitcase zipper before I even had a chance to wear it once.

I called my mom, who graciously went back to the store, found the last medium, and mailed it to me here in Seattle. Disaster averted! Thanks Mom!


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