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PhoDOGraphy: Frankie Visits Marymoor Park

My dog Frankie first tried out his new camera last winter. You can see the pictures he took in his previous post. At the end of summer, we tried the pet camera again. You can see it attached to his collar, below.

Frankie at work

Following Jean down the gravel path. La-dee-da, la-dee-da…

follow the leader

Ooh, a fence. Gotta claim it as my own.


Dang it’s hot. I hope my tongue isn’t covering the lens. How embarrassing would that be? Gotta get some water outta the river…


This really is a beautiful park. Lotsa trees and bushes…My whisker is itchy!


Hey, look at that cute schnauzer…


I wonder what’s behind the blackberry bushes?


It’s so bright, but I love being in nature!


I’ll get out with Frankie again. This time the temperature will be lower and his tongue will hopefully stay in his mouth!


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Day Off in the Dog Park

I work in a really casual office environment but for me, shorts are off-limits. I usually prefer skirts anyway (in or out of the office) because they seem more polished—and just as cool on a hot day. That said, I’ve found a few new cute pairs of shorts lately (you’ll see them in posts in the days to come). My veganhosen were just the beginning.

at the dog park with Frankie

Top: TJ Maxx
Shorts: Forever 21
Shades: Convenience store
Bag: Shiraleah
Shoes: Naturalizer

Even though I don’t wear them to work, shorts are perfect for a day off. On my day off, I went to Marymoor off-leash dog park with Frankie. The sun was out and the temperatures was in the high 70s! Proof that summer isn’t over yet. Frankie wore his dog cam (I’ll post the results soon) to document his version of our outing.

sunny day

I picked up this gauzy top earlier today while I was killing time waiting for my car to get serviced. It’s such a simple design (a rectangle folded in half, with a hole cut in the middle for my head. The sides are sewn part way up, leaving a make-shift armhole).

scarf top

I bought the top because I like it, but also because I’m going to use it as a pattern and buy scarves at Goodwill so I can make more of these tops.

color combo

I’ve been to the Marymoor off-leash area literally hundreds of times but today I found The Dog Garden, a tranquil, well-manicured place where people can scatter their dogs’ ashes and have stones engraved to commemorate their furry friends. When we entered the area, Frankie went straight to the memory wall and sat down. He stared off into the distance contemplatively for a few minutes and then continued his tour.

the memory wall

I couldn’t help but wonder if he knew what the area was for and if he was thinking about some of his friends who are now gone. My favorite quote read, “Whatever souls are made of, yours and mine are the same.”


After paying respects to some of the best friends a person could ask for, we continued back into the regular park and finished our walk, covering most of the 40 acres before going home for dinner.


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PhoDOGraphy: Frankie’s New Pet Cam

My dog Frankie is now a photographer (a phoDOGrapher, if you will). And this is his very first ever exhibit. I read about Cooper the photographer cat last year and thought I could try something like that with Frankie. I bought a pet’s eye view camera from eBay and away we went. Here’s his adventure in his own words:

Yay! Jean’s taking me out. It’s playtime. But this traffic light is taking forever and she won’t let me run across the street. And just look at that hydrant. It needs me.

busy street

Finally. What’s this? Oh no! Playgrounds are for those horrible two-legged puppies. I can’t stand human puppies. So shrill and unpredictable. I’m getting outta here.


I know that building! That’s where humans go to mark their territory. This means we’re really close to the dog park. Hurry Jean, we’re almost there!


We’re here! I’m finally untethered from that leash! Time to run! And sniff. What are those scents? Mmm. Delightful. Earthy, pungent. I like them all. So much information. I can’t take it.

dog nose and grass

Running, running, turning in circles. Whee!

blurrry ground

Whoa. I’m kinda dizzy now. I don’t feel so well. Why did I do that? I’m almost 48 years old. Where is my dignity? Hey, is that Ricky?

white dog

Ricky! Nice threads. I like the jacket. No really. It suits you. It’s a bit retro. 70s in a cool sorta way. No, it doesn’t make your tail look fat. Yeesh that guy is insecure.


I think I know that woman. She’s got treats. Wait for me! I’m starving. No really. I haven’t had food in forever! Jean doesn’t really feed me. Nope. She’s bad that way. What do you mean you don’t believe me? What? I am not pudgy. I’m a bit big-boned, but…

people and dogs

Hey, is that guy taking my picture? Oh yeah, well two can play at that game. I’ll take your picture then. Oops. I think he saw me. Time to go!

couple with camera

Excuse me. Pardon me. Coming through.

dogs at the gate

Let. Me. Out.

chain link fence

Freedom! Time for  a nap.




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