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Vintage Leopard-Print Slip

Here’s the slip I debuted on my video blog. I wore for New Year’s already, and here are two more ways I’ve styled it.

A short, fitted skirt in such a sexy print doesn’t need any help in the hotness department. In fact, in both cases, I’ve toned the look down. First, I wore it with flat boots, bright tights, and a long blazer.

leopard and pink

Blazer: Bebe via Goodwill
T-shirt: Target
Slip-as-skirt: eBay
Tights: Target
Pleather boots: G by Guess
Necklace: eBay
Jelly bracelets: eBay

Later, I paired it with a billowy top in blue. Blue is unexpected and doesn’t vamp up the look. The tights are opaque and the heels are chunky.

leopard and blue

Top: Nordstrom
Slip-as-skirt: eBay
Tights: Sockadilly
Faux-suede shoes: Old Navy
Necklace: eBay
Bracelet: Gifted

I found this slip while searching eBay for the term leopard skirt. If you’re looking on eBay, try multiple search terms. For example, animal print or faux leopard. Search in the vintage category if you’re looking for a certain era, type a decade to narrow it down more, or keep the search broad (for example, search all women’s and apparel).

Sometimes I get a lot of results so I filter by price or by which auctions are ending soonest. Try different choices and see what you find. If you’re not looking for a specific item, try fun search terms like boho blouse, scooter dress, or goth skirt to see what comes up. I’ve found interesting items that way. Costume jewelry is fun to shop for too. Type in a descriptor, like owl necklace, or the name of a designer and see what you find. That’s how I found this Vivienne Westwood necklace.


Do shop on eBay? What’s a thrifty find you scored online?

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Asian-Inspired Jacket

I love this jacket! I bought it from an online eBay store. It came all the way from Hong Kong. I love the wide sleeves and red and black color combo. It’s got a faux leather skull appliqué but it also has floral fabric that lines the sleeves and floral detailing on the shoulder. It has balance.

Asian jacket

jacket detail

I feel like I can take on the world when I wear this jacket. Today I paired it with my leggings with the faux leather panels and combat-styled boots. I’ve worn this only once before, but that’s going to change. I’ll throw this on more often and not save it for the “right occasion.” Besides, it’s fleece-lined so it’s warm and cosy. Perfect for a Seattle winter (and spring, summer and fall).

faux leather trim

Jacket: eBay
Cowl-neck top: Express
Leggings: Kensie
Pleather boots: G by Guess

Maybe it was the fog we had this morning but I think I could hunt and kill zombies in this jacket. And who knows? They might be out there.


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My Electric Blue Jumpsuit

I made a video a few weeks ago to help people learn how to find vintage deals on eBay. One of the items I talked about was this 1980s-era jumpsuit. I mentioned that jumpsuits are really on-trend right now and that I don’t want to pay a couple of hundred dollars for one. This one was $3.99 and does the trick. Here are two ways to wear it:

First, I accessorized with a statement necklace, funky belt, and killer heels. I like the look and I’d wear it to dinner or dancing.

jumpsuit with gray heels

Jumpsuit: eBay
Belt: From of a dress I got at Express
Necklace: Macy’s
Shoes: Badgley Mischka

I thought the jumpsuit would look great with tall boots too. I can tuck the pant legs in or roll and cuff them and wear them over the boots. This is what I wore to my 40th birthday party last night. My birthday is today and I’m celebrating for three days straight!

jumpsuit with black boots

Belt: From a jacket I got at Wish
Necklace: Premier Jewelry
Boots: Mia

It’s kind of space-age, don’t you think? If a one-piece look is too intense for you, try wearing a blazer over a jumpsuit to break up the color. Have you tried the jumpsuit trend? Would you dare?


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How to Buy Vintage Clothes on eBay

I recently made a video blog (I refuse to use the word vlog) about how to shop vintage on eBay. I had a lot of fun turning my office into a studio, playing host, and editing my video.

I hope you watch it. Here’s a recap of what I covered:

  • Check the seller and make sure they have good ratings and reviews.
  • Use different search terms to find what you’re looking for (dress, shift, or frockvintage, retro, or original).
  • Look in different categories to find items with potential (women’s, men’s, vintage, 1960s, etc.).
  • Decide what price you’re willing to pay for an item and don’t go over that amount; it’s easy to get caught up in the frenzy.
  • Consider shipping. The cost of shipping can make a deal, not such a deal. Other times, free or low shipping is an incentive to bid.
  • Look for different types of items from your favorite designers. (For example, DVF is known for wrap dresses but there’s always a bidding war for them. However, scarves and shirts are less in demand, and sell for less.)
  • Take your measurements and be honest with yourself. Don’t bid on something that isn’t going to fit.
  • Vintage sizes are different than contemporary sizes. I’m usually a 4 or 6 but in vintage I wear a 10 or 12. Look at inches, not garment sizes.
  • Buy larger rather than smaller. You can always have an item taken in. (Keep tailoring costs in mind though, since they’ll add to your costs.)
  • Consider how you can make an item your own. If it’s a good price, but dated, can you remove the sleeves? Change the hemline?
  • Pay on time so you made the seller happy, get good reviews, and keep your auction karma in good shape.

Do you use auction sites to get thrifty finds? What’s your best score? How have you made a vintage piece yours?


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