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My New Pink Cowl

Remember a few weeks ago (or was it longer?) when I went to the Etsy Rain craft show? Everything I bought that day was green, with the exception of this pink cowl. I initially wanted a green one (of course) but when I tried on this one, Rosalind, the owner of Scarf City, said the color suited me.

pink cowl

She had only wool at the show so I ordered a non-wool one (wool makes me terribly itchy). It arrived in the mail a week later. I love it. It’s so soft and it has a great shape. I bet I could even pull it over my head if it gets cold. I think that would make it a snood (a scarf/hood hybrid–no really, it is a real thing; I’m not making this up!)

pink and green

Hat: Swapped
: Thrifted
CowlScarf City
Top: Old Navy
Skirt: Forever 21
Clutch: Crystalyn Kae
Boots: John Fluevog

And of course I wore the cowl with green. What can I say? I love green!

Have a look at Scarf City and see what other neat things Rosalind makes. I liked her hats and arm warmers too–they come in a variety of colors. I promise not to buy green ones.


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Green, Gray, and Grundahl

When I went to Etsy Rain a few weeks ago, I wrote about how I bought a slew of green things. Today, I wore the lime green earrings by Phoenix Beadwork, the kelly green ring by One-eyed Collie, and an avocado green necklace my mom gave me.


To the mix, I added neon green socks and a forest green tote bag.


There are over 400 shades of green. I’m probably not supposed to mix this many shades in the same outfit, but I couldn’t resist. Green isn’t often used as an accent color but I thought I’d give it a try. I kept everything else neutral and went with a statement skirt. My Ivan Grundahl.

green acessories

Jacket: Express via swapped
Top and tank: Target
Skirt: Ivan Grundahl
Socks: Joann Fabric
Boots: Guess
Earrings: Phoenix Beadwork
Ring: One-eyed Collie
Necklace: Gifted
Tote bag: Crystalyn Kae

During my photo-taking, a curious squirrel stopped by to check things out. I told him to stay still so I could take his picture and sure enough, he did! A chance encounter with this squirrel totally made my day. He put a big smile on my face. Look at how cute and chubby he is.



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Shopping Local at Etsy Rain

This past weekend I went to Etsy Rain with a few friends. Etsy is a great website where you can buy handmade goods from all over the world. Etsy Rain is the Seattle contingent of crafters. They set up shop at the Seattle Center and that’s where we met.

Supporting local crafters is important to all of us. I have an Etsy shop. So does Sadie. Lynn does too. I’ll have to check and see if Stephanie does.

shopping pals

Left to right: Jean, Sadie, Lynn, Stephanie

I bought a neat pair of green coil earrings from Sue at Phoenix Beadwork. I’ll be sure to wear them in an outfit post this week. Here are a few beautiful necklaces from Sue’s booth.

Phoenix Beadwork

Then I bought a cool green ring from One-eyed Collie made of candy pieces set in resin. I’ll wear it with the earrings from Phoenix. Here’s a sampling of the other items at this booth.

One-Eyed Collie

I almost bought a green cowl scarf at the Scarf City booth but it was on the mannequin so I tried on a pink one instead. Surprisingly, the pink one looked great. I’m glad about that. otherwise I’d have a bag full of green things! Scarf City had other items too, like ponchos, leg warmers and hats.

Shawl City

I was lusting after a “ninja rider” t-shirt from the Retro Pop Namu booth, but when I talked to the shop owner, she said she’d be putting that logo on canvas messenger bags soon so I held out. I’ll be shopping online for that one!


I’ll post pictures of the tiny tam I bought from Alise’s Pieces. I have a tiny hat, and now I have a tam.

Etsy Rain was a great place to buy gifts. There are other craft fairs coming up too.


Hot tip from Elizabeth Space:

And from CraftyClementines:

  • December 17th Bizarre Bazaar at the Erikson Theater in Capitol Hill.

Do you know of others? Is your city hosting craft fairs for the holidays?


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Green Trench for Spring

Every day is dog-walking day (Frankie insists on it). Today, however, was a great day for it. We walked along Kirkland’s waterfront on the eastside of Lake Washington. The perimeter of the lake is about 75 miles. We walked one mile and turned around.

It’s still cool in the Pacific Northwest, so I threw on a shiny green trench coat and a scarf. I love green. I think this coat jumped out at me because it’s the same shiny green satin as a pair of shorts I had as a kid in the 1970s. I wore them with a ringer T-shirt, tube socks with green stripes, and roller skates.

green trench

Coat: Wet Seal
Jeans: Ernest Sewn
Booties: Crafty Crow Vintage on Etsy
Scarf: Thrifted
Brooch: eBay
Upcycled dog: Petfinder

The color of my coat reminds me of a scarab beetle (a green one, obviously). I was happy to find this beetle brooch on eBay. I’m not the only person who likes insect jewelry and accessories, am I? I also have a spider brooch.

beetle brooch

I’m proud of the thrifty score I made on my skinny jeans. Ernest Sewn jeans are hand-made in the USA (a rare thing these days). Normally, they cost more than I like to spend on a pair of jeans (although you do get what you pay for—great quality and fit in this case). However, I went to a “50% off the lowest price” sale at Mario’s, an upscale Seattle boutique. They were originally $200 and were reduced to $100. I got them for $50. Cha-ching!


My booties reminded me of a pair I had in the ’80s (oh how I wish I’d kept them). That pair reminded me of my baby booties (which, for the record, I don’t remember; I’ve only seen them in photos). When I saw these at Crafty Crow Vintage, I wanted them badly but promised myself I’d sell something on my Etsy page first. I have a “pay it forward” philosophy regarding Etsy: Any money I make selling things on Etsy goes toward things I want to buy on Etsy. But I also try not to spend more than I make. Luckily, I made a sale and these were still available.

I’m continuing my poem-a-post for National Poetry Month, and here’s one of my favorites:

A Coat
by William Butler Yeats

I Made my song a coat
Covered with embroideries
Out of old mythologies
From heel to throat;
But the fools caught it,
Wore it in the world’s eyes
As though they’d wrought it.
Song, let them take it,
For there’s more enterprise
In walking naked.


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