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Shadow Shot: Eye Spy

Time for another Shadow Shot Sunday (it’s Sunday in Australia, home of the shadow shots). Today I gathered a few images related to eyes and spying.

Theses first two pictures were experimental shots taken through the peep-hole on my front door. They’re both quite different. I like the shadows cascading onto my doorstep and the fish-eye distortion.

eye spy

peep hole

This eyeball sculpture was in a downtown Pittsburgh park. I shot it when I visited Steeltown in 2010. Oddly, Seattle has a few eyeballs like this too. I don’t know who the artist is, but I will try to find out. I’d like to compile shot of these eyeballs in many cities.

eye sculpture

Finally, closer to home (or rather in my home): I walked into my kitchen a few months ago and saw a pair of spooky eyes staring at me. They were reflections from the metal lids of two canisters I keep on my counter. Who’s watching you?

evil eyes

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