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The Bird on my Table

People who know me know I don’t eat meat. But I do plan on having a bird on my table for Thanksgiving. Or rather, a picture of a bird: A lovely photo of Victoria, a turkey I sponsored through Farm Sanctuary. I figured I’d put the money many people spend on frozen turkeys and donate it to a real live turkey who got a new lease on life.


Farm Sanctuary is actually three sanctuaries (one in New York State, and two in California). They focus on rescuing farm animals from abuse and neglect, educating people about factory farming, and advocating for animals. According to Victoria’s bio, shy’s shy and curious (she sounds a little like a certain cat in my home who shall remain unnamed).

Besides the photo (which wouldn’t taste very good), the table will be loaded with vegan goodies. I’ll be at my friend Lynn’s, where we’ll eat roasted squash, spicy string beans, mashed potatoes with mushroom gravy, cranberry sauce, savory stuffing, and pumpkin pie. We’ll have a little Wild Turkey too–in our hot toddies!

wild turkey

I’ll post about the delicious dinner when it’s all done. And I’ll write about the Feast for the Turkeys I’m attending on Saturday. That’s the day I go to Pasado’s Safe Haven for a vegan meal where turkeys are the guests of honor! I’m giddy at the prospect of feeding grapes and lettuce to them. And I’m already drooling over the menu. Autumn Vegetable Samosas with plum chutney, anyone?



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