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Black and Red Maxi Skirt and Nicora John Boots

Today, I’m starting from the bottom up.

striped skirt

Vegan boots: Nicora John
Skirt: Fred Meyer
: Gifted
Scarf: Herbivore Clothing
Faux leather jacket: Aeropostal

My new Nicora John boots are my favorite thing ever! They go with everything and are quickly becoming part of my “uniform.” These are handmade in LA, in an eco-friendly factory (solar panels anyone?). NJ is keeping the craft of shoemaking alive in the US, while working exclusively with textile leathers (meaning they’re all vegan). I can’t say enough great things about this company.

nicora johns noots

I found out Nicora John is doing a fundraiser to upgrade their factory, increase production, and lower costs.

Turns out there are next to zero shoe manufacturing facilities left in the United States available to emerging shoe companies, which forces them to outsource. The USA has lost 70,000 jobs in the show industry since 1979! And unregulated foreign-made shoes often lack animal welfare laws or labor and environmental standards.

There are so many reasons to support Nicora John. Plus, these boots are comfy! I’ll be getting the Willow boots next. So cute!

black and red

Okay, up to the skirt. This skirt looks red, but is actually a fine red and black striped fabric. I saw it on clearance and couldn’t resist (even though I’m trying to stick to my shopping goals of supporting USA-made and/or small businesses–it’s hard to break old habits and shop in a new way!).

I wore my new skirt with a scarf (purchased in a small shop), so maybe that evens things out. Scarves are my favorite way to dress up an outfit (and stay warm).

scarf and maxi

I think a faux leather jacket goes with just about anything. I wear mine all the time–with jeans, pencil skirts, dresses, and long skirts. This quilted version has a nice texture and is my go-to jacket.

skirt and jacket

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Tough Love

I feel a little tough in this outfit. Sure the t-shirt says “love,” but the style is all attitude. If you know me though, you know I can’t really be a tough chic–as much as I’d like to.

tough love

Faux leather jacket: Forever 21
T-shirt: Forever 21
Pants with belt: Macy’s
Boots: G by Guess (at T.J. Maxx)

I got this jacket at Forever 21. Nothing to be proud of really, but it was a non-leather replacement for a leather jacket I got rid of. Sometimes going cheap is a good way to get vegan leather alternatives–as long as it doesn’t fall apart and end up in a landfill in two weeks!

black and olive

My boots are also faux. They’re G by Guess, and I guess that’s their lower-end line. Suits me fine. They’re comfortable and who doesn’t want a nice combat boot? I’ve even worn these with long and short skirts for a 90s grunge vibe.

thinking of Morrissey

True confession: I wore this exact outfit to Portland when I saw Morrissey perform a few months back. I don’t often repeat outfits exactly, but I like this one.

cargo pants

Today I’ve joined up with the Anything & Everything blog hop at My Thrifty Chic. Anything goes, so hop on over and see what other people are wearing, making or doing.

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