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Winter White and Robin’s Egg Blue

Who says you can’t wear white in winter? I don’t mind breaking rules so I wore white jeans. I’m also dreaming of spring so instead of playing it safe with black, gray or brown, I wore robin’s egg blue on top.
white jeans

Sweater: Goodwill
Tank: Gifted from my Tante Marion
Shoes: Aerosoles
Ring: Shop in Boston (name long forgotten)
Earrings: Shop in Seattle (no closed)

I can’t complain about the weather. Seattle is such a mild climate. The polar vortex bypassed us, leaving us to our usual rain. Flowers around here will bloom all year (depending on the type). A hearty mum does well by my front door. In summer, when it’s actually dry around here, potted plants in full sun don’t stand a chance so I switch to in-ground gardening.

robin's egg blue sweater

The real risk with white in winter is getting dirty. I took advantage of a rare rain-free day to wear my white flares. And in case you’re jealous of the mild weather, remember that I’ll still be dealing with rain in May and June when everyone else is in sundresses and shorts! It’s a trade-off.

thrifted sweater

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Flares and Stripes

If you’ve been to my blog before, you know I’m drawn to color. That’s why I mixed so many colors (and a couple of patterns) together in this outfit. I just can’t help it!

hounstooth and stripes

Jacket: Macy’s
Sweater: Swapped
Tank: Target
Flares: Thrifted
Shoes: Thrifted

I’ve worn these flares before (with denim, stripes, and a poncho). This time, I mixed in houndstooth.


Of course, I also added stripes, and a bright, layered tank. I made my necklace out of another, less interesting necklace. Is that DIY or reassembly? Either way, I’m happy with the results.

color and pattern

I do wear black sometimes, but when I do so, I’m less likely to take time to pose for outfit shots. That’s the real reason you see me in so much color. It’s funny. At some points in my life, you’d be hard-pressed to find color in my closet at all. These days, I can dress in all colors, without hesitating. It’s like a fashion pendulum. Could swing back one day. But for now, I’m enjoying playing with colors.

teal, gold, magenta, gray

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Ocean Colors and DIY Earrings

Here’s a Throwback Thursday post. I originally made these earrings in the spring and forgot to show them off! They’re made of simple, thin strands of ribbon that I poked onto a fishhook-style earring. The best part: I got the ribbon for free!

DIY earrings

Whenever I buy clothes with built-in hanger straps, I cut off the straps so they don’t peek out when I’m wearing my clothes. Some stores like H&M use ribbon in the color of the garment, which means I have matching earring for anything I buy there.

When I pair shades of blues together, I’m reminded of the ocean. And the ocean remind me of nice weather (since that’s the only time I go to the beach). Outfits like this make me happy, even when I’m looking serious. (I’m smiling on the inside.)

cool shades

Top: target
Flares: Urban Outfitters via consignment
Shoes: Old Navy
Arm party: Various shops

I realize I’m wearing flares, and the trend is for skinnies. I still find them elegant though. Sometimes I’ll sew wide legs into skinny ones but I think I’ll leave these as they are.

sweater and flares

Do you prefer wide of narrow legged pants?


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Poncho Weather

Okay, it really wasn’t poncho weather but I had on my teal flares and the poncho added to the 70s vibe so I went with it. I probably should have worn a coat.

shades and a poncho

Poncho: Perry Ellis via swapped
Top: Loehmann’s
Flares: UA via Crossroads Trading Company
Shoes: Goodwill
Purse: Shiraleah
Cuff: Greenbelts
Sunglasses: The Fashion Truck

I had a photographer (my husband) help me on this day, and I like that you can see him in the reflection in the window. The ladder is in the empty store behind me. It makes for quite a mashup!

poncho and flares

I love flares and skinny jeans equally. They both give me a pep in my step, just in different ways. I’ll probably never narrow down “a look,” but boho rock n’ roll might come close. Others just call me quirky!

shirt and flares

How would you describe your style? What types of styles are your favorite?

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Teal, Stripes and Red Wedges

I’m wearing my teal, high-waisted flares again, but I won’t dare show off the high waist! They’re comfy, but I don’t think it’s an easy look to pull off. Jessica Simpson got in trouble for it, and I would too.

teal flares

T-shirt: Old Navy
Pants: BDG via thrifted
Shoes: Chelsea Crew

So I covered the waist with a striped t-shirt in a complementary, yet unexpected color and added a pop of red.

red shoes

It’s hard to see my red wedges. I’d been looking for a pair of red sandals for a long time when an Ideeli ad showed up in my inbox. These are so comfortable and fun, but sadly they’re not holding up. The cork is bunching and coming loose and the insoles already fell out. I guess they’d be fine for just a summer, but I don’t like to throw things away. Ethically, it’s better to make smart purchases and keep things longer.

shoe detail

To extend the life of these shoes, when the cork is kaput, I’ll peel it off, paint the wedges with glue, and add glitter. When that DIY happens, I’ll be sure to blog about it.


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Teal High-Waisted Flares

I have to admit: I’m not a fan of the look of high-waisted pants. But I loved the color of these pants and the super-wide legs so when I saw them at Crossroads Trading Company I tried them on. I usually leave my shirts untucked so you can’t really tell they’re high-waisted.

teal flares

Top: Sofada
Jacket: Betsey Johnson via thrifted
Pants: BDG via thrifted
Sandals: Bamboo via eBay
Cuff: Thrifted

The high waist is really comfortable. They stay up nicely, and I don’t flash my underwear when I sit down. There’s something to be said about that. I’m still not flaunting the waistline though!


I love how long these are too. Very ’70s and very leg-lengthening. I like when long, wide pants hide my shoes–except for the fact that no one gets to see my footwear. Have you tried high-waisted pants? What about flares?

orange and teal


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Patience Pays off in Cords

Months ago I saw a pair of amazing, rust-colored, corduroy flares on the Free People website. They were so boho. I wanted them. But I’m cheap saving for a house so I didn’t fork over the money. I did, however, bookmark the page. Every now and then I’d return to it. No change. And then, a couple of weeks ago I checked and they were 50% off. And only my size was left. Three seconds later they were in my shopping cart and on their way to me. It wasn’t the deal of the century but I saved a bunch by waiting. And that’s worth something.

rusty cords

Sweater: Thrifted
Pants: Free People
Boots: Dr Martens
Bag: Crystalyn Kae
Earrings: Sears

cherry blossoms

I am just as happy with my new pants as I am with the cherry blossoms on the tree in front of my place. It’s still chilly–it even snowed last week–but there are definite signs of spring.


Have you waited for the price of something to drop before buying it?

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