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Product Review: The Hana Flat Iron

I was recently offered the chance to test out a Hana Titanium 1.5″ Flat Iron and I jumped at the opportunity. This flat iron makes the list of the best flat irons and I was curious to know why. I don’t often splurge on beauty products. My current flat iron is a budget model from the drug store. Is there a difference? Yes! As I quickly found out.

Hana flat iron

I was promised I’d be wowed when I saw the product. As soon as I opened the packaging, I actually said, “Wow!” The presentation was amazing. The flat iron came in a metal container and included a heatproof mat, a carrying case, and a little bottle of Shineshield, a leave-in serum designed to protect hair from heat and add shine.

My hair is short and I didn’t know if I’d see a difference so I recruited my mom and sister-in-law to be models too. We really liked this product. The Hana Flat Iron smoothed my fine hair and made it shine, it straightened Sadie’s wavy strands, and it made a huge different in my mom’s frizzy locks.

mom before

BEFORE: My mom has to fight her frizzy hair

mom after

AFTER: She’s a smooth operator

mom after

AFTER: Hana smoothed her locks

I liked how quickly it heats up. In a few seconds it had reached the temperature I’d set it at. Having a choice of heat settings was great too. I could protect my hair by not overheating it. My mom’s thicker, coarse hair straightened nicely on a higher setting without the need to run the iron over strands repeatedly. Additionally, the flat iron’s negative ions repair hair follicles and seals in natural oils, unlike lesser devices.

BEFORE: Wavy Sadie

BEFORE: Sadie’s hair is wavy if she doesn’t iron it

Sadie after

AFTER: Unlocking smooth hair

Sadie after

AFTER: Sleek hair after ironing

The Hana can be used on dry or damp hair so it saved us from having to blow dry and straighten. The ceramic plates are so smooth and never catch. They slid over my hair without pulling and snagging it like my drug store model does. The curved edges of the plate allowed me to curl, flip, or straighten.

Jean before and after

BEFORE and AFTER: Smoother and shinier

another after

AFTER: Lots of shine

I’m looking forward to using the Hana Flat Iron as my hair gets longer so I can experiment with different looks without damaging my hair. Needless to say, I won’t be using my old iron anymore.

Hana also makes blow dryers. I’ll be buying one of them soon too. Instead of being damaging, these dryers have ceramic heaters that negatively charge ions to break down water molecules in less time, which preserves hair structure and adds shine.

Note: Although I was given this product to test and review, the opinions are my own. I really like this product and I (along with my mom and Sadie) highly recommend it.

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