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Floral Pants and Shooties

Okay, okay, I know. “Shooties” (shoes + booties) is a silly word like “jeggings.” But if “skorts” and “brunch” have staying power, maybe “shooties” will too.

floral pants

Cardi: Goodwill
T-shirt: Old Navy
Pants: Terra Cotta
Shoes: BHAVA Studio

I styled these floral pants on the blog last summer and the summer before, but the shooties are new. They’re by a vegan company called BHAVA Studio. These opened-toed booties are terrific for summer but will carry me through fall as well.

coral and floral

I’m looking forward to wearing my new footwear with shorts, pants, dresses—they’ll go with practically everything.


Another item that looks great with everything—especially bright colors—a simple white t-shirts. I don’t wear them often, but they’re  classic and don’t fight for attention with busy patterns. So I went with a white T this time.

semi-sheer pants

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Floral Noir Jacket

I’m not really jumping on the “floral noir” bandwagon. I’m just wearing a floral print jacket I already own. Until recently, I’d never heard the term floral noir. But I do like it as an accurate description of a black-background, floral print.

floral noir

Jacket: Forever 21
Tank top: Target
Pants: Banana republic
Boots: Prada via thrifted
Pleather bag: Gunas
Necklace: Vivienne Westwood

Floral is so sweet and summery–and it’s not that nice in Seattle yet. So the black background makes florals a workable pattern for winter. At least until my Camila bush starts to blossom!

floral jacket

I wore this jacket before in a pattern-mixing frenzy. This time, I kept the rest of the look simple (basic black) and let the jacket steal the show.

floral blazer and jeans

Well, I couldn’t resist carrying my Gunas bag. It’s yellow and white–two of the colors in the jacket–and brightened things up a notch. It’s two-tone, but that’s not exactly a pattern, is it?

Gunas bag

Do you wear floral patterns in winter? Have you embraced the floral noir trend?

Oh, I’m linking up with Visible Monday at Not Dead Yet. See what everyone else is wearing!


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Floral and Khaki in the Garden

Here’s a cute top I fell in love with at a local thrift store. It was too big, however, but nothing a little cinching couldn’t fix. My stretchy belt came in handy!

floral and olive

Top: Thrifted
Pants: Swapped
Belt: Swapped
Cuff: Roberta Oakes
Shoes: Payless

I paired my floral top with olive-green pants, which I rolled up to show off my loafers. Overall, this is a thrifty outfit.

belted top

It’s cute enough to run errands in, or grab a latté with hubby, but it’s not something I have to worry about if I muck around in the garden–something I love doing this time of year. My backyard is a peaceful, happy place where I can scout out birds, and drink wine in the shade while my dog sunbathes.

thrifty outfit

Seattle summers are short so I learn to appreciate them. Fortunately, winters are mild. I plant lots of types of flowering plants so I have something pretty to look at all year. There are a few weeds in my pesticide-free yard, but I don’t mind. I want the wild bunnies to eat organic!

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Black and White Stripes and Floral

I love mixing patterns, especially when the patterns are in the same color family. I’m mixing and matching black and white again here. I did that recently with houndstooth, paisley and stripes. In this look, only the top is the same.


Top: Marshall’s
Skirt: Thrifted
Boots: MIA
Socks: Sock it to Me

I wore this skirt on the blog a couple of years ago. that time, I was in Florida and made it a warm-weather look. It’s not bad out now, but it’s not Florida warm either. So I stuck with boots.

stripes and florals

Peeking out of my boots are my black and white star knee-socks. You can’t see much of them, but technically they count as a third pattern. And stars are an appropriate theme for today. If you’re a Star Wars fan, you’ll know the reference.

skirt and boots

May the Forth be with you!

I’m linking up with Visible Monday and Monday Bloom today. Go see what all the other visible, blossoming women are wearing!


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Flower Power

While selling a few things on eBay recently, I bought this shirt. Hey–it’s not supposed to work that way! The ad at the edge of the screen called my name and I couldn’t resist. At least I made more than I spent.

floral shirt

Shirt: eBay
Jeans: Goodwill
Boots: Qupid
Cuff: Etsy

I don’t have a lot of button-up shirts and I liked the pretty florals in this one. It’s like a watercolor painting. My Impressionist shirt.

light jeans

I paired it with my faded cropped jeans and tall wedge-heel boots. I wanted to “ground” the look with a darker color. And I toughened up the delicate blouse with my mock-croc faux leather cuff.

I bet it will also look good with bright pink or light green jeans too. White jeans would look elegant, and I can also wear this with a skirt and tough, biker jacket. So many options!

tough and pretty

Overall, it was a thrifty look. Perfect for spring! I hope spring is on its way to you.

cropped pants with tall boots
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Florals, Dots and Leopard

I went crazy with pattern-mixing in this outfit. It was an experiment and I think I like it.

pattern mixing

Jacket: Forever 21
Pants: Macy’s
T-shirt: Papaya
Satin pumps: Two Lips via DSW

I don’t have a lot of floral pieces in my wardrobe and I really liked the floral jackets I’d seen in magazines. I didn’t want to invest in a jacket with a trendy pattern so I looked at lower-end stores. Forever 21 isn’t my favorite place to shop but I can count on them for inexpensive versions of trends.

floral jacket

I already had the shoes, pants and top so I only had to combine them this way to copy the trend of florals and pattern-mixing. Why does it work? The jacket has black and white in it so the shirt complements it. there’s also green in the jacket so the pants aren’t adding a new element. And leopard is practically a neutral so I thought, “what the heck?”

green pants

It’s a fun look and I can take it down a notch by swapping the leopard shoes for a solid pair. I can swap out the top for a plain T if I want to calm things down even more. But for now, I’m going all out with the colors and patterns. It’s only fashion, right?

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Staying Cool in the Heat Wave

It sounds unreal, but Seattle does get heat waves from time to time. We’re in the middle of the one hitting the West right now–and there’s no sign of letting up.

florals and shorts

Fedora: Payless
Top: Goodwill
Shorts: Old Navy
Shoes: Luo Luo (from Amazon)
Faux leather purse: Target

All I can do is dress light and drink lots. Instead of blow-drying my hair or straightening it, I add a surf spray texturizer and let it get a bit wavy. My hair is naturally pretty straight so this is as much wave as I can coax out of it. As least wind and sweat won’t make it look worse!

woman and dog

To keep the sun off my head, I tried out my new fedora. I have to say, I love it! The straw is great for summer and it doesn’t trap the heat like most hats do. Fun fact: Did you know the fedora was originally a woman’s hat? The word comes from the title of an 1882 play. The main character, Princess Fédora, was played by Sarah Bernhard, who wore a center-creased, soft brimmed hat on stage. Women’s rights activists adopted the fashion right away. Men didn’t start to wear fedoras until the 1920s.

white shorts

In my 30s, I swore off shorts, but a couple of years ago, I brought them back into my wardrobe. I used to think they were too casual, but with a pair of wedges, they’re fun. These ones are faux leather, come in nine colors, and are on sale for less than $25! It was hard to choose, but I do like the blue.

purple accents

I balanced out my outfit with a loose, billowy top. It’s much cooler than something body-hugging anyway. I found this floral top at Goodwill. It was a size too big, but tucking in one side seems to make it work.

wedge sandals

What are your tricks for staying cool in the heat? Maybe some of the women participating in Visible Monday have ideas!


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Florals and Grape Skinnies

I’ve been upstaged by my cat again. Poor Margo. Alice is blind and can go out with close supervision, and Frankie is a dog who can’t escape the backyard. But Margo is a would-be runaway so she has to stay indoors (or in her catio, which she thinks of as an outdoor prison).

gray blazer

She practically begged me to let her out during this backyard photoshoot.

grape skinnies

Blazer: Smart Set via Goodwill
Blouse: Goodwill
Skinnies: Just USA
Socks: Fred Meyer
Shoes: Thrifted
Belt: Madden Girl
Ring: Old Navy

In case you’re not looking at the part-Siamese bundle of cute trouble in the window, I’m wearing a blazer and blouse from Goodwill and my Just USA skinnies.

Cat in the window

I bought a pair of these in red in a local shop and wore them so often I tracked down the brand online and bought two more pair: grape and olive.

floral ring

It seemed like a good outfit for a huge, frilly ring! I love this little piece of costume jewelry. It’s lightweight and soft. I’d love to try making something like this and gluing it onto a plain ring.

I’ve joined Not Dead Yet for Visible Monday and Color Blind for Thrifters Anonymous. Let’s see what other bold, thrifty women are wearing!


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Street Style: Day Hiking

Full disclosure: These aren’t really hiking outfits. My mom and dad didn’t pack any of the ten essentials, they aren’t wearing sturdy shoes, and they aren’t prepared for the elements. But they look cute. They happen to be at Flamingo Gardens on a paved path close to a snack bar. So everyone made it out alive.

mom and dad

There are two directions to take an outdoorsy look. My dad went for neutrals. He’s slightly camouflaged with the tans and khaki. I like the hat he chose. It’s practical and completes the look. Crocodile hunter meets Desert Storm.

My mom chose a different route. She stands out with tropical florals. Interestingly, she matches the flowers on the trees behind her. So in a way, she’s camouflaged too. I like how her purse is a flower too and mimics the yellow flowers in her top.

Normally my mom and dad are the photographers, which means they’re never in the same photo. This is a rare example of proof that they actually vacation together.


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April Showers Bring May Florals

The May challenge by Everybody, Everywear is floral. That turned out to be a tough one for me. I’ve never been anti-floral. In fact, I love the real thing. So I was really surprised when I went to my closet to choose a floral piece and found next to nothing.

I have a black and white floral skirt, but it didn’t seem very cheery. Isn’t floral supposed to be upbeat? Then a came across this skirt. I picked this up at a clothing exchange a few years ago and it’s usually a winter skirt. I wear it with tights and a sweater.

plum floral

floral skirt

black and plum

Top: Old Navy
Skirt: Swapped
Shoes: Nine West via thrifted
Necklace: Claire’s
Cuff: Greenbelts

I paired the skirt with stilettos (which by the way aren’t good for walking in the grass—unless you’re trying to aerate it). I added a recycled leather cuff for a bit of baddassery. This ain’t no garden party floral! Best of all, this entire outfit cost $40. You can bet your wild roses I’ll be wearing it again.

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