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Shadow Shot: Walk in the Woods

My husband and I took a walk in the woods a few weeks ago. Seems like ages ago: The temperature was in the mid-80s, not like the cool fall weather we have now. Despite the heat, it was about 15 degrees cooler in the woods. The Redmond Watershed Preserve to be exact. I love the quiet tranquility of a forest and really appreciate nature’s air conditioning. We walked along an interpretive trail with signs that explained how the early loggers worked. Some of the old-growth remains were massive. Even the replacement trees towered over us.

tall trees

The forest was a nice reprieve from heat. The sun shone through the trees and created beautiful patterns of light. I enjoyed finding this little berry bush beneath the massive conifers. The berries were perfectly placed, almost like they were Christmas tree ornaments.


During our walk, we heard a real racket coming from a large tree. We were amused when we saw this angry little squirrel shouting at us. There was a plaque explaining that the northern flying squirrel lives in these parts. But this little guy looks more like a red squirrel—at least that’s what this squirrel site would lead me to believe.


We left the squirrel alone and kept walking until we found a pond. I looked for turtles but didn’t see any. I was enchanted by a beautiful, blue dragonfly.


berries and dragonfly

On our way back, we retraced our steps but didn’t hear the squirrel. Luckily Redmond isn’t too far away so we can come back to this wonderful sanctuary again. On the west trail, there’s a bigger pond complete with beavers and their dam! I’ll be sure to share photos of them with you next time.

Hey Harriet hosts Shadow Shot Sunday, a weekly photo challenge where people can submit their shadowy shots—pictures that show the play of light and dark. Check out her site for lots of inspiring photography.


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