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Houndstooth Coat and Furla Tote

I was taking a shortcut through Macy’s a few weeks ago when I found this wonderful houndstooth coat. It was in the junior’s department so it wasn’t expensive anyway, but it was half off too. And because I checked into Macy’s with my FourSquare phone app, I got an extra 15% discount. I think it came to about $20 total.

houndstooth coat

Coat: Macy’s
Scarf: Toronto street vendor
Pants: See by Chloé
Shoes: Seychelles
Bag: Furla

Notice the great forest green tote bag I’m carrying? My dad gave it to me! He was working for a client who was giving away some “things she never used” and he saw the purse. He was pretty sure it was a good name brand. Plus it was made in Italy. He took a chance and brought it to Florida with him.

book bag

When we met there a couple of months ago he handed it over. Wasn’t that thoughtful? It didn’t cost him anything but it would have been so easy for him to overlook. I’m glad he has an eye for quality and style. Thanks Dad!

bag by Furla

I like pairing black and white with pops of bright color. What are your favorite color combinations? Any cool freebies come your way recently?


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