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Culottes or Gauchos?

According to Wikipedia, culottes is a French word that described the knee-length britches worn by upper-class men in the late middle ages and Renaissance to the early 19th Century. They were tighter (think George Washington) than the “split skirt” style women adopted later on.

Women’s culottes afforded women the freedom to straddle a horse, rather than having to ride side-saddle, like they did while wearing dresses and skirts.

Gauchos is a Portuguese word used to describe residents of certain South American regions. They are a type of cowboy who wear ponchos and loose-fitting pants called bombachas.

If culottes are pants and Gauchos are people, then I guess I’m wearing culottes! Some will call these Gaucho pants, in reference to the people who wear them. Now we know!


Shirt: Thrifted
Culottes: Swapped
Socks: Target
Shoes: Thrifted
Bracelets: Various places

I got my culottes at a clothing exchange. They’re loose and comfy and look utterly ridiculous–until I put on heels. When I’m flat-footed, the length and width of these pants are more Bobby from King of the Hill than woman’s wear. For some reason, heels change the proportion and make everything work.

I wore these style of pants a lot when I was a kid. I’m happy to have them in my wardrobe again. Do you have culottes or gaucho pants?

I’ve joined Style Sessions, Visible Monday and Thrifters Anonymous for blog linkups today. See what everyone else is wearing!


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Gauchos and Mint Green

Guess what? I’m a guestblogger today on Lindsay Living. Have a look.

Here’s a thrifty outfit and one that incorporates a few items I haven’t yet worn. I’m almost finished wearing all of my clothes (I stuck to my New Year’s resolution–hooray!). I have a few summer pieces that will have to wait for nicer weather. I’ve bought a couple of things, but I’m more careful about what I buy and I really ask myself why I “need” certain pieces and how I’ll fit them into my wardrobe (literally and figuratively).


Blazer: Smart Set via thrifted
Top: Sofada
Gauchos: Swapped
Boots: Mia
Necklace: eBay
Earrings: Charlotte Ruche

I’ve worn this blazer a lot. I definitely got my money’s worth with this piece. Today I layered it over a loose-knit top that I picked up in the discount bin of the Sofada booth when I was at the Thread show last fall.

The gauchos were from a clothing exchange I attended in December. I really like their shape but they definitely need to be paired with heels. I’ll be wearing these pieces again.

gray and green


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