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Global Fashion

Every season, it seems, there’s a new twist on fashion–whether it’s tribal, mad-for-plaid, “ethnic,” or something else. That got me┬áthinking about the clothes I wear and their origins.

Ballet flats, for example, are a 17th Century French invention and jumped from the stage to the streets more recently.

Tartan, or plaid, has its origins in Scotland, but there’s evidence of tartans used all the way east as far as China.tartan tights

a Scottish Kilt

The wide-sleeves of a kimono are unique and distinct and are sometimes seen in modern apparel.

kimono sleeves

Asian-influenced wide sleeves

Fine silk with delicate patterns are at home on a sari, but sari fabric is sometimes repurposed into other items too–and the Indian influence remains.

recycled sari skirt

We often show national pride by donning flags–our own or another nation’s.

union jack

Global items aren’t without controversy. Recently, a retailer I won’t mention got in trouble for naming American Indian-inspired patterns as Navajo–without the tribe’s permission. Are tribal patterns, styles, and materials an homage or do they belittle? Is it insensitive and ignorant or a celebration of global style?

What global trends to you like or wear?


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