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Green and White and Wet All Day

This month’s Everybody, Everywear challenge is green! I love green and actually have a few green pieces that I was considering, but the weather chose for me. It’s a rainy day in Seattle (no surprise there) so I went with my green satin trench coat. Don’t forget to check out how the others wore green!

green and white

Coat: Wet Seal
Scarf: Crazy Harry’s
Jeans: BCBGirls
Boots: Wanted
Umbrella: Baby & Co.
Pin: eBay

I debuted this coat on my blog almost a year ago. The first time I wore it with blue jeans and white booties. The white jeans I chose today changes the look a lot, I think. White makes any color pop.

clear umbrella

I always manage to splash water and mud up the back of my pants when I walk in the rain so I’ve learned not to wear white jeans when it’s wet outside. However, the tall boots will save my pants so today I tucked my jeans into them. Who says you have to save white for summer?

wet weather
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