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Red Shorts and Polka-dots

I’m on a roll, wearing shorts like nobody’s business. I think they work best (at least on me) when they hit at the widest part of my thigh and are slightly loose.

red shorts

Top: Goodwill
Shorts: Swapped
Shoes: Thrifted
Belt: Truth Belts
Hat: Payless

I almost didn’t get these red shorts. They were castoffs from my last clothing exchange. I was gathering up the unwanted items and getting a big pile of clothes ready for Goodwill when I spotted them. I thought they’d be good for gardening but I’ve been wearing them out.

polka dots and red

Today I dressed them up with a chunky-heeled sandal and my straw fedora. I hid the turquoise band with a black ribbon so the hat matches the outfit. Next time, I’ll wear a longer shirt. There’s nothing like seeing yourself in photos to realize what works and what doesn’t! I’m owning this fail.

straw fedora

I joined The Anything & Everything Blog Hop at My Thrifty Chic and What I wore Wednesday at Transatlantic Blonde. Now I’m off to see what everyone else is wearing!


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Newsboy Cap for Casual Day

I wear hats a lot, especially when it’s cold out or I’m walking my dog. Rarely is it a fashion statement. Today, though, I decided to wear a tartan cap as part of my outfit, not as a way to stay warm or hide messy hair.

tartan cap

Cap: Fuego
Top: Ross Dress for Less
Jeans: Express
Boots: Wanted

blue and gray

I like this style of cap a lot better than baseball caps. In fact, I’ve never worn a baseball cap. It doesn’t seem to fit my style. For me, it would symbolize that I’d given up. When I do wear caps–even as a way to hide a bad hair day–I’m usually complimented on them.

My cap is blue and gray and my outfit is blue and gray so I added non-matching boots so I didn’t look like I spent too much time planning.

Do you wear hats? What kind and when?


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Thrifty Thursday: Andrea’s Closet

This is part two of Shopping her Closet. The first post about my friend Andrea was over a month ago. Have a look at it for style ideas and thrifty tips. Andrea is looking at the clothes she already has and is creating neat new remixes. She’s inspired me to do the same.

Picking up where we left off, here’s Andrea in a great monochromatic look with a cute hat. She knows what works for her.

black and white

Hat, top, jeans, and scarf: Ross Dress for Less
MIA boots: DSW
Necklace: Chico’s

Check out her fantastic boots! I love the button detailing.

MIA Boots

In this next look, Andrea returns to a black, white, and red color palette. I love how bold–yet classic–it is. The yellow bag is really unexpected too.

black and white and red

without the coat

Scarf, top, BCBG shoes, and bag: Ross Dress for Less
Pants: Nordstrom Rack
Coat: Mexx (Canada)
Jewelry: Fred Meyer

Seattle weather can quickly turn cold and rainy–and get nice just as fast. That’s why I love how that outfit looks great with or without the jacket. In Washington, outerwear is definitely part of our everyday wear, so why not think of it as part of the outfit?

Case in point: Andrea’s red coat. It’s adorable. This might be my favorite look. It’s coordinated but not too matchy. The neutrals of the hat and boots are different but they work together really well.

Red coat

Hat: Gifted
Top, jacket, and jeans: Ross Dress for Less
Earrings: Fred Meyer
Mia boots: DSW
Coat: Macy’s

This is a hot, retro look. Andrea looks sophisticated in these elegant colors. The faux fur detailing glams up the outfit. Remove the coat, and she’s ready for work. Put it back on and she can to dinner and a show. I love the versatility of this.

lavender and black

Top: Marshall’s
Skirt: Club Monaco via Goodwill
Tights: Ross
Boots: Nordstrom Rack

The photo shoot with Andrea was a lot of fun and I learned new ways to remix clothes and get a bargain. I hope you got some ideas too. Maybe we’ll see Andrea in her own blog soon!


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Street Style: Falling for Hats

Dave is a man of style. He appreciates a well-made shoe, and he’s fun to talk to about anything sartorial. Add to these qualities that he’s also a musician and avid motorcycle rider and, well, you can imagine what a cool guy he is. It’s especially refreshing to see a man like Dave on the Eastside: He’s stylish in a sea of software folks (who, despite their smarts, don’t usually spend much thought on getting dressed).

Dave in his hat

Hat: Byrnie Utz
Jacket: Territory Ahead
Shirt: Territory Ahead
Jeans: Territory Ahead
Shoes: John Fluevog

Dave’s a big fan of Territory Ahead, a stylish line of clothes for people with a sense of adventure. The clothes are rugged and durable, and are sourced from exciting places all over the world. But unlike a lot of travel wear, this stuff isn’t just practical, it looks great. He gets his Territory Ahead gear from the Bellevue store.

Despite Dave’s adventurous nature, this hat is his first. And by hat, I mean fashionable hat. Baseball hats are not a fashion statement (Ron Howard, I’m talking to you). Fortunately, Dave’s brother talked him into trying on some hats at Byrnie Utz in downtown Seattle. The associate helped him with dozens of styles so he could find the right one.

Some hats make a person’s face look leaner; others make it look wider. Some just aren’t the right style. So Dave’s advice for anyone looking at hats is to try a bunch. Don’t try one and say you’re not a hat person.


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