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Tough Love

I feel a little tough in this outfit. Sure the t-shirt says “love,” but the style is all attitude. If you know me though, you know I can’t really be a tough chic–as much as I’d like to.

tough love

Faux leather jacket: Forever 21
T-shirt: Forever 21
Pants with belt: Macy’s
Boots: G by Guess (at T.J. Maxx)

I got this jacket at Forever 21. Nothing to be proud of really, but it was a non-leather replacement for a leather jacket I got rid of. Sometimes going cheap is a good way to get vegan leather alternatives–as long as it doesn’t fall apart and end up in a landfill in two weeks!

black and olive

My boots are also faux. They’re G by Guess, and I guess that’s their lower-end line. Suits me fine. They’re comfortable and who doesn’t want a nice combat boot? I’ve even worn these with long and short skirts for a 90s grunge vibe.

thinking of Morrissey

True confession: I wore this exact outfit to Portland when I saw Morrissey perform a few months back. I don’t often repeat outfits exactly, but I like this one.

cargo pants

Today I’ve joined up with the Anything & Everything blog hop at My Thrifty Chic. Anything goes, so hop on over and see what other people are wearing, making or doing.

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Earthtones and Orange

I’ve been hanging onto these pictures for a while (as you can see by the fall foliage), but this outfit works as a good layering “transition” style for spring, so I’ll use it now.


Jacket: Gap via swapped
Sweater: Target
Pants with belt: Macy’s
Socks: Online
Shoes: Zappos
Purse: Crystalyn Kae

I added a pop of color with my sheer-knit sweater and carried it through to the orange argyle socks. Slouchy and fun. I wore it to work because my work environment is really casual. It would be a nice errand-running outfit too. Really comfortable with a “practical heel.”

khaki and olive

It’s also a pretty thrifty outfit, with a lot of swapped or on sale items. The sweater was on the clearance rack, and so were the pants.

neutrals and orange

Do your fall outfits work for spring too or to you change colors, styles and fabrics?

Oh, don’t forget to check out the other posts at Not Dead Yet! I’m joining Visible Monday today.


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Wearing my Houndstooth Coat Again

I’m a fan of checks, tartan and houndstooth. They’re all in the plaid family and plaid is so fun to wear! I found this coat on sale at Macy’s last year–complete with scarf!

red and black and white

Coat: Macy’s
Top: Express
Leggings: Kensie Girl
Boots: MIA
Purse: Crystalyn Kae

I like wearing it with bright pants–think red or yellow or fuchsia–but it goes well with anything. Today I wore it with black, but I let my red cowl neck peek out for a pop of color.


Do you like houndstooth? What do you wear it with?


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Last of the Fall Foliage

Winter officially arrives on December 21st, and thought it might feel like winter already in some parts, I’m still savoring fall. I love fall colors but I don’t like the reminder that the cold, wet winter lies ahead.

This is, to me, a quintessential fall look: knee-high boots, earth tones, and a jacket and scarf.

fall outfit

Jacket: Bedo
Jeans: Old Navy via swapped
Scarf: Swapped
Boots: Mia

I bought this jacket on sale last spring and had to put it away for summer. I haven’t had the chance to wear it until now, but buying last year’s merchandise at the end of season saved me a bundle. Besides, I’ve seen leather-sleeved jackets in the stores recently so it’s hardly out of style. These sleeves are faux leather, making the piece affordable–and vegan!

faux leather sleeves

I thought black boots might make this look a bit like a uniform so I wore caramel-colored boots and brought in more warm tones in the scarf. I’m looking forward to wearing this with skirts and dress pants, and of course with jeans, like I’ve done here.

autumn outfit

What fall/winter pieces are you looking forward to wearing until the weather warms up?

I’ve joined What I Wore Wednesday at Transatlantic Blonde and The Pleated Poppy. Check out all the other submissions!


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Thanksgiving Feast Part One

I’m attending two exciting Thanksgiving dinners this year. The first was last night, on Thanksgiving. The second is tomorrow. Yesterday, I dressed in the colors of my meal: Cranberry jacket, pumpkin top, Field Roast necklace, chocolate pants, and whiskey shoes.

harvest colors

Jacket: Lulu’s
Tank: Target
Pants: Swapped
Necklace: Florida market
Shoes: Urban Outfitters

I brought a vegan pumpkin pie to the festivities. An easy recipe with a delicious outcome. When I got to the host’s place (my friend Lynn), I was astonished by the full bar–that’s the benefit of having a bartender for a friend. Lynn made drinks. I had a rye and ginger with my meal and a hot toddy with dessert.

Lynn's bar

Besides the pie I brought, we dined on spicy bean casserole, phyllo-wrapped field roast “turkey,” mashed potatoes, stuffing, and cranberry sauce. Lynn put the turkey adoption certificate from Farm Sanctuary on the table, where a turkey might otherwise be.

my meal and the turkey certificate

On the way out the door, after hours of great conversation, I noticed the unique switchplate cover. Wild Turkey. The theme continues.

Wild Turkey cover

Besides being a mother, bartender, birder, and clogger, Lynn is also a crafter and makes unique, booze-inspired creations from upcycled bar industry leftovers. From bottle cap soy candles to beer case journals, Lynn’s shop on Etsy is a great place for holiday gifts.

How was your Thanksgiving?


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