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Cropped Jeans and Heels

A few weeks ago I saw a fashion spread in a magazine. It featured a model wearing a black and white blazer, black tank top, faded boyfriend jeans, and hot pink stilettos.

I replicated the look–same colors on different pieces for a fraction of the cost.

black, pink and white

Jacket: Swapped
Tank: Old Navy
Jeans: Goodwill
Vegan belt: Couch
Shoes: Swapped
Bag: Susan Nicole
Jewelry: Gifted (thanks mom!)

I picked up this jacket at a clothing exchange. I performed a bit of surgery on it–a shoulder-pad-ectomy to be precise–and brought it into the new millennium.

swapped jacket

I already had the tank, and you’ve probably seen these jeans by now.

jeans and heels

Instead of bright pink shoes (which I do have, incidentally), I wore a pair of black pumps from the same clothing exchange. I love my pink heels, but one stand-out piece was enough for this look.

thrifty look

Have you ever copied a magazine look? What personal touches do you give your outfits?

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Embracing Mom Jeans

For years, I steered clear of light-wash, high-waisted, tapered jeans (also known as Mom jeans). In fact, I helped my mom ditch that style for a more modern, dark-wash, bootcut version.

I still don’t want pleated jeans, and a tapered ankle with extra fabric in the hip isn’t the most flattering cut; however, I’m digging the light wash for summer–and the bit of lycra in this pair is comfortable, as is the higher waist.

mom jeans

Top: Swapped
Jeans: Thrifted
Shoes: Payless
Necklace: Macy’s

I bought these at Goodwill–intentionally! I was reading a fellow Seattle blogger’s post about the benefits of mom jeans and thought I’d look for something with the butt-lifting properties she wrote about.

faded denim

The key here, I think, is that I am not wearing a quilted cat-themed vest. Ha! No, the key is cuffing the pants, throwing on some heels, and making the look carefree and fun.

tall blue shoes

I chose sky-high platform wedges in a fun blue faux-suede.

jeans and a T

Would you try mom jeans, version II: The remix?

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Eggplant Cowl Neck T

Is this eggplant? Plum? Wine? I’m not really sure how to describe the color of my shirt, but I do like it.

eggplant top

Top: Best Kept Secret sample store
Jeans: Citizens of Humanity
Boots: Urban Outfitters
Cuff: Trailer Park Gypsy (on Etsy)

It’s super soft and has a nice, drapey, cowl neckline. It goes with so much, but today I wore it with a dark-rinse denim.

wine and denim

I cannot believe how my garden exploded! One day, it’s all bare earth; the next, I’m in a jungle. Unfortunately the weeds are also out of control. And since my dog hangs out here–and we have crow and rabbit visitors–I refuse to use herbicides. So I pull weeds out one at a time. It’s a good workout though. Doing squats in the garden is better than hanging out in a stuffy gym.

t-shirt and jeans

Do you garden at all? I once thought I was a brown thumb, but with the right mix of hearty plants, even I can help things grow! So far, bleeding hearts, columbines, hostas, and day lilies are coming back with a vengeance!

casual outfit in the garden

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Leopard and Stripes

I’ve heard leopard is a neutral. It’s classic and timeless and it goes with everything–including, I’d argue, stripes, florals, or plaid.

stripes and leopard

Top: Marshall’s
Jeans: Macy’s
Pleather belt: Truth
Pumps: DSW

I started off tame and wore my leopard pumps with stripes.

satiny pumps

I separated the patterns with my Kelly green cropped jeans. I really love denim in all the shades of the rainbow. I have yellow jeans, and red ones and a few other colors.

green jeans

My shoes, hiding in the grass like a leopard, are a great rubber-soled platform. Comfortable, and sturdy, even when I walk on slippery surfaces.

If you have a pair of shoes that are hard to balance in because the sole is slippery, I recommend getting a shoe repair shop to add a Vibram sole to them. I wrote about Vibram soles last year, and described how they preserve leather-soled shoes. And while I no longer wear leather, the Vibrams will save any sole and improve grip. The tip is still true.

pattern mixing


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Flower Power

While selling a few things on eBay recently, I bought this shirt. Hey–it’s not supposed to work that way! The ad at the edge of the screen called my name and I couldn’t resist. At least I made more than I spent.

floral shirt

Shirt: eBay
Jeans: Goodwill
Boots: Qupid
Cuff: Etsy

I don’t have a lot of button-up shirts and I liked the pretty florals in this one. It’s like a watercolor painting. My Impressionist shirt.

light jeans

I paired it with my faded cropped jeans and tall wedge-heel boots. I wanted to “ground” the look with a darker color. And I toughened up the delicate blouse with my mock-croc faux leather cuff.

I bet it will also look good with bright pink or light green jeans too. White jeans would look elegant, and I can also wear this with a skirt and tough, biker jacket. So many options!

tough and pretty

Overall, it was a thrifty look. Perfect for spring! I hope spring is on its way to you.

cropped pants with tall boots
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Head to Toe Gray

Today I’m wearing gray. Usually I like wearing color to contrast the gray Seattle winter but I don’t mind blending in sometimes. Call it camouflage for the Pacific Northwest.

hat, boots, jeans

Hat: Forever 21
Sweater: Wet Seal
JeansSonas Denim
Flannel boots: Groupon

Every winter wardrobe needs a beanie (or toque, as we call them in Canada). I usually wear one to keep warm, but it’s a fun fashion item too. I ditched my jacket to show off the velvet skull on my shirt.

skull shirt

My jeans are from Sonas Denim and I got them as part of a Kickstarter campaign. Sonas was raising funds for their new line so in exchange for a donation, I got these. Sonas is a vegan-run company intent on keeping their environmental footprint small. They recycle everything (even scraps of denim), give 10% of profits to animal welfare groups, and have plans to fund an animal sanctuary.

Sonas Denim

When I contributed to the Kickstarter, I got to communicate with the founder himself, Gerry Kelly. I can’t say that happens very often!

all gray outfit

I love my Sonas (I bought a second pair in black waxed cotton for a dressier, almost leather-look) so even on a gray, day, I’m happy–which is what Sonas means in Gaelic!

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Peasant Blouse and Olive Skinnies

This past fall, I wore this white embroidered blouse with these same boots and with shorts. I wanted to style it for cooler days, so I kept the outfit the same and replaced the shorts with olive skinnies.

white blouse

Shirt: Bébénoir
Jeans: Just USA
Boots: MIA
Bag: Matt & Nat
Ring: Silk Wire Jewelry
Cuff: Lauren Harkness

Everything else is the same (well, I forgot my necklace). I like experimenting with small changes to see how big a different I can make with an outfit. It goes to show that I don’t need that many items to mix and match and create new looks.

That said, I do enjoy shopping for new pieces. The blouse was a piece I picked up in NYC this past summer. But a white shirt is a classic, and a key piece for any wardrobe. This is a twist on a classic and it’s great to have in rotation.

blouse with skinnies

Unlike its classic cousin, this blouse doesn’t button up. It’s a pullover style and being such a relaxed fix, I feel like it doesn’t need to be ironed crisp.

It’s got a neat back opening that I promise to show next time I wear it.

brown accessories

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Winter White and Robin’s Egg Blue

Who says you can’t wear white in winter? I don’t mind breaking rules so I wore white jeans. I’m also dreaming of spring so instead of playing it safe with black, gray or brown, I wore robin’s egg blue on top.
white jeans

Sweater: Goodwill
Tank: Gifted from my Tante Marion
Shoes: Aerosoles
Ring: Shop in Boston (name long forgotten)
Earrings: Shop in Seattle (no closed)

I can’t complain about the weather. Seattle is such a mild climate. The polar vortex bypassed us, leaving us to our usual rain. Flowers around here will bloom all year (depending on the type). A hearty mum does well by my front door. In summer, when it’s actually dry around here, potted plants in full sun don’t stand a chance so I switch to in-ground gardening.

robin's egg blue sweater

The real risk with white in winter is getting dirty. I took advantage of a rare rain-free day to wear my white flares. And in case you’re jealous of the mild weather, remember that I’ll still be dealing with rain in May and June when everyone else is in sundresses and shorts! It’s a trade-off.

thrifted sweater

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Accessories for a Casual Day

I’ve worn this sweater on the blog before, but never with these fun accessories.

casual look

Sweater: Old Navy
Jeans: Citizens of Humanity
Boots: Thrifted
Ring: Old Navy
Necklace: The Sapphire Bee

I loved how big this ring was when I saw it in the store. Yet it’s light, and not at all cumbersome. It’s folded fabric, and I bet I could make one just like it! Sometimes it’s easier to just buy something ready-made though.


I got this empty cage necklace from Brittany at The Sapphire Bee. Brittany is a blogger and artist and student, in addition to creating and selling jewelry. She sounds like a Jean of all Trades to me! Sometimes though, we can’t do it all, and I don’t see anything in her store right now. I hope she sells more soon. I really like her designs.

casual with accessories

I’m a proponent of “emptying cages,” so to speak. I enjoy wild animals in the wild, not in zoos, circuses or at places like SeaWorld. So, to me, this empty cage represents hope for a better future for animals. I like looking at it and imagining that a little bird has flown to freedom.

empty cage necklace


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Wearing over-the-Knee Boots

I like the look of over-the-knee boots but sometimes it’s hard to wear them and not look a little like Pretty Woman. For most of us, that’s not the effect we’re going for. Elly, from one of my street style posts, knows how to work the look. She wore wedge heels, thick tights, and a flowing boho dress.

Another way to wear OTK boots is with jeans. I kept my look casual by wearing flat-heeled tall boots.

OTK boots

Top: Express
Jeans: The Gap
Boots: Cri de Coeur
Cuff: Craft Fair

These boots are versatile because I can fold over the cuff and turn them into regular knee-high boots. I lose the studs that way, but it’s still a nice option. I bought these on sale from a local shop that is unfortunately not open anymore. Luckily, I can still shop online.

tall boots, flat heel

With an OTK boot, I think it’s best to keep the rest of the outfit relaxed (like Elly’s loose dress or my simple jeans). I’d probably steer away from a dress so long that it covers the tops of the boots. Part of having tall boots is showing them off! Plus, a bit of leg shape is nice. Notice that I said leg shape. Tights or jeans are still good to wear. If you have a bare leg with a short skirt and tall boots, a flowy dress and shorter heel is the best way to work the right proportions.

Red, denim and black

Do you ever wear OTK boots?

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