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Shorts for Cooler Days

I actually took these photos a couple of months ago, but on cooler spring nights, the shorts-and-tights combo comes in handy so I thought I’d share this unused set of photos.

neutrals and shorts

Velvet jacket: Forever 21
Shirt: Old Navy
Belt: Goodwill
Shorts: Goodwill
Tights: Target
Shoes: John Fluevog
Purse: Shiraleah

When I put this outfit together, it reminded me of something the ever-stylish Sarah Hulbert would wear. I love her use of texture, layering and belts.

jacket detail

There’s only one problem with this outfit: My shoes. Don’t get me wrong, I love the style, and they’re really comfortable. However, to fall in line with my eating habits (vegan), I’ve stopped wearing leather shoes. So at the time of this post, the shoes are up on eBay. I’m raising funds to buy some vegan replacements.

shoe detail

I had fun mixing colors and textures with this outfit and I’ll try something similar with a summer twist. Oh, one least thing–posting “old” photos is a great way to see that my hair is actually growing! The trouble is, I see this bob and sort of want to get a haircut. Do you have a go-to haircut or are you always trying something new?

chambray and tweed


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Cape and Gouchos

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. What a busy time of year! The 24th is my wedding anniversary and this year was our 6th. In addition to celebrating life with Mr. Jean of all Trades, my family celebrates Christmas in traditional European style–on the 24th.

Christmas day is another special day for me and hubby. We’ve started a tradition: I cook breakfast (this year it was veggie sausage, home fries and waffles), we relax, exchange gifts, and go to a movie. After the movie there’s usually a restaurant open somewhere so we grab a bite. I love spending the whole day with my honey. We’re so busy that we don’t get to do that a lot.

Here’s an outfit that will work for wherever the day takes me. It has a neo-Victorian feel to it. Perhaps it’s the cape or the modern take on classic boots. Regardless, you won’t catch me caroling any time soon!

cape and gouchos

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Coat: eBay
Gouchos: Swapped
Scarf: Swapped
Boots: John Fluevog
Purse: Crystalyn Kae
Cuff: Greenbelts

I also wore this to run a few errands before work recently. It worked for both occasions. Under my coat is a comfortable long-sleeved T. Because of the gauchos, I still felt dressed up.

Did you get any neat gifts this year? How were the holidays?

I joined WIWW over at Transatlantic Blonde. Have a look at what the others are wearing!


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Black Lace in the Mourning

Sometimes I think I was a Victorian widow in a previous life. Well, not really. I don’t believe in reincarnation. But I do really like the clothing of that era. I’d incorporate it into my style more often but I’m so fickle. I dress according to my mood and I’m not sure I could commit to one theme.

black lace


Top: Old Navy
Jacket: Newport News
Skirt: Forever 21
Belt: Came with another dress
Boots: John Fluevog
Necklaces: eBay and found
Earrings: Sosie Designs
Cuff: Joolz Hayworth
Ring: Fuego

I wasn’t in a bad mood today though. I just felt like over-accessorizing and mixing a few items in a way I’d never worn them before. I can’t believe I found this crucifix in the grass while walking my dog. I picked it up, cleaned it off, and paired it with a skull cameo. I thought the little skeletons on my bracelet went well with it.


In high school my dad would get so angry when I wore a t-shirt with a Jolly Roger on it or a skull pin on my jacket. He probably thought it was satanic or I was death-obsessed. On the contrary! I love life and I happen to be amazed by the human body. Skeletons are so cool but we’ll never get to see our own.

I freaked my husband out once when we kissed and our teeth accidentally touched. I said, “we just touched skulls.” Apparently that’s not a romantic thing to tell a guy. Who knew?


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My Holiday Party Outfit

I had a blast at this year’s company holiday party. The theme was a mashup of Alice in Wonderland and masquerade ball. With all the options surrounding both ideas, I knew getting dressed for the party would be fun. I wrote about what I did at the party earlier.

I decided to wear my tiny hat, and I worked in the rest of the outfit around that. This outfit doesn’t scream festive, but the fancy details make it party-appropriate.

holiday outfit

Cape: Target
Skirt: Neodandi
Gloves: Thrifted
Spider brooch: eBay
Clutch: Crystalyn Kae
Boots: John Fluevog

under the cape

Necklace: Miss Michelle’s Family Jewels
Top: Swapped

I am so happy to debut this Neodandi skirt on my blog. I’ve had it for a while and I love it more and more. It’s a pair of men’s pinstripe trousers that have been upcycled into a fabulous fitted skirt. It’s wonderfully stitched together with fancy pleats and tucks and velvet ribbon detailing—and it fits like a glove. Neodandi is a local couture house. And they say Seattle isn’t on the fashion map!


Speaking of local artists, I found this cute Mad Hatter necklace at Miss Michelle’s booth at the Bizarre Bazaar in Capitol Hill just hours before the party. I snapped it up—it was a perfect addition for the theme of the party.

And finally, my amazing, glazed fabric clutch by Crystalyn Kae came in handy. This clutch feels like soft, supple leather, but it’s vegan! It’s dressy yet roomy. I put my phone, wallet, keys, lipstick and camera in the bag and had room to spare. I want one in every color. Crystalyn is a local designer who makes unique bags in fabric, glazed fabric, and recycled leather.

The vegan, local, upcycled, hand-made and/or thrifted and swapped items I’m sporting makes this outfit is a perfect candidate for the Ethical Fashion Bloggers December roundup. You can see the other member’s ethical outfits there too.

I hope you hade fun at a few holiday parties too. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and all that sh–tuff!


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Street Style: Falling for Hats

Dave is a man of style. He appreciates a well-made shoe, and he’s fun to talk to about anything sartorial. Add to these qualities that he’s also a musician and avid motorcycle rider and, well, you can imagine what a cool guy he is. It’s especially refreshing to see a man like Dave on the Eastside: He’s stylish in a sea of software folks (who, despite their smarts, don’t usually spend much thought on getting dressed).

Dave in his hat

Hat: Byrnie Utz
Jacket: Territory Ahead
Shirt: Territory Ahead
Jeans: Territory Ahead
Shoes: John Fluevog

Dave’s a big fan of Territory Ahead, a stylish line of clothes for people with a sense of adventure. The clothes are rugged and durable, and are sourced from exciting places all over the world. But unlike a lot of travel wear, this stuff isn’t just practical, it looks great. He gets his Territory Ahead gear from the Bellevue store.

Despite Dave’s adventurous nature, this hat is his first. And by hat, I mean fashionable hat. Baseball hats are not a fashion statement (Ron Howard, I’m talking to you). Fortunately, Dave’s brother talked him into trying on some hats at Byrnie Utz in downtown Seattle. The associate helped him with dozens of styles so he could find the right one.

Some hats make a person’s face look leaner; others make it look wider. Some just aren’t the right style. So Dave’s advice for anyone looking at hats is to try a bunch. Don’t try one and say you’re not a hat person.


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Celebrate International Fluevog Day

Today is International Fluevog Day! According to the Fluevog website, it’s an “international affair that challenges us all to be better Fluevogers, teachers, lovers and neighbours.”

You might know that I have a love affair with Fluevogs. I have five pair (modest compared to some). In fact, the only time I break my vegan shoe rule is when I cave and buy a pair of ‘vogs. However, there are vegan options on the site, and I’ll try to purchase from that department in the future.

I first began lusting after Fluevogs in high school. I was lucky to live in Toronto, where there’s a store. Now, I’m gainfully employed in Seattle, where, coincidentally, there’s also a store. I think all the “cool” cities have Fluevog stores. It’s a great way to decide to live. Portland, Vancouver, Boston. Hmm. There’s an interesting corelation.

Of course, back in high school, Fluevogs were out of my price range. Now can splurge and celebrate: Tax refund? Fluevogs. Raise? Fluevogs. Christmas money? Fluevogs.

I love the unique style of John Fluevog’s designs. And I appreciate how utterly comfortable they all are. They’re hand-made too. Real pieces of art. In fact, one of the things I’d like to do is hang a few small shelves in my bedroom and put my ‘vogs on them. It’s a waste to have works of art sitting in my closet.

Here are my Fluevogs, in no particular order:


My first pair: You can recognize Minis by their heels


I branched out, color-wise, with these Everywears

Minis boots

Minis are so comfortable, I got a pair of boots

blind faith

I bought Blind Faith shoes with a gift certificate I won

red boots

These Hope boots were half price!


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