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New Year’s Eve Outfit

The outfit I pick for New Year’s Eve depends on what I’m doing. I’ve worn everything from a ballroom gown and heels to a motorcycle jacket and armored pants. (It was a midnight ride, and perfectly appropriate for the occasion.)

I might even wear PJs. Sometimes New Years isn’t a huge party, but an intimate stay-home-and-cozy-up event.

Truth be told, this year, I’ll be home early. Hubby is getting his wisdom teeth out the day before and I plan to be home with him. I’ll leave him for a bit around dinner so I can grab a bite with friends, but I want to be home well before the clock strikes midnight. For me, it’s not New Year’s if I can’t kiss my sweetie.

So my outfit this year won’t be special, but it could look something like this:


Jumpsuit: Rachel Roy via consignment
Tights: Target
Shoes: Poetic Licence
Rubber cuff: Shop in Honolulu
Vinyl purse: Shop in Pittsburgh

I found this jumpsuit (onesie?) at a consignment shop and adored it! I might not have forked over a lot for it, but it was a great deal and worth a try. I snapped these pictures shortly after I bought it (spring–see the pretty daffodils?) but never posted them. They’ve given me my New Year’s outfit inspiration though, so I’m glad I saved them,


It’s a fun look for dinner, drinks, dancing, and dare I say, New Year’s. I could wear this in warmer months–it is a shortset–but I like it paired with tights. Plus, it’s a chance to wear my purple velvet and sparkle heels! I tried to match my shoes and tights to elongate.

shorts and tights

Do you have any special New Year’s plans? No matter what you have scheduled, have fun, be safe and:

See you in 2014!

hooded jumpsuit
I joined Not Dead Yet and Style Elixir for blog linkups today. See what the others are wearing.


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My Electric Blue Jumpsuit

I made a video a few weeks ago to help people learn how to find vintage deals on eBay. One of the items I talked about was this 1980s-era jumpsuit. I mentioned that jumpsuits are really on-trend right now and that I don’t want to pay a couple of hundred dollars for one. This one was $3.99 and does the trick. Here are two ways to wear it:

First, I accessorized with a statement necklace, funky belt, and killer heels. I like the look and I’d wear it to dinner or dancing.

jumpsuit with gray heels

Jumpsuit: eBay
Belt: From of a dress I got at Express
Necklace: Macy’s
Shoes: Badgley Mischka

I thought the jumpsuit would look great with tall boots too. I can tuck the pant legs in or roll and cuff them and wear them over the boots. This is what I wore to my 40th birthday party last night. My birthday is today and I’m celebrating for three days straight!

jumpsuit with black boots

Belt: From a jacket I got at Wish
Necklace: Premier Jewelry
Boots: Mia

It’s kind of space-age, don’t you think? If a one-piece look is too intense for you, try wearing a blazer over a jumpsuit to break up the color. Have you tried the jumpsuit trend? Would you dare?


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