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Street Style: Two Tiny Tots

Often, little girls’ clothes are more interesting than clothes for little boys. But these two handsome young men show us all how sharp a fella’ can look. No baseball jerseys, no sneakers, just classic pieces that take them from preschool to dinner and a show (in this case, an episode of Yo Gabba Gabba).

Theo and Angus

Both lads are wearing hand-me-downs. That’s the original upcycle. So they’re stylish and thrifty, which is great when you outgrow your threads every three months.

Theo is wearing a chocolate-brown, cable-knit sweater vest with red trim over a matching red button-down shirt. He’s wearing black cords and matching oxfords. In his hand is his latest edible creation: A Tofutti, carrot and olive penguin.

Angus has on a red, cable-knit sweater vest. He’s wearing a black t-shirt under his vest and has jeans with patches on the knees. The pants are durable and stylish with their darker denim overlays, don’t you think? His sturdy shoes are great for playing and cycling–the latter of which Angus just did. That’s why he’s still got his bike helmet on. He knows being safe is fashionable.


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