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Vintage Swing Coat for a Rainy Day

This jacket is my oldest garment. It was my Oma’s. I remember greeting her as a child and giving her a hug while she had this coat on. She’d come to visit, hang up her coat, and get started on making something delicious like an apple cake.

vintage coat

My Oma probably bought this in the early 1960s, making it close to 50 years old. It was made in a time when Canada’s garment industry was booming. Not only was this “made in Canada” (harder to find these days), but the label said “made in Winnipeg.” I’ve never seen a clothing  label that listed the city on it (well, there’s DKNY and such, I suppose, but that city is part of the branding). This is a Modes Marcel by Brown Fashions.

jeans and a jacket

Jacket: Vintage Oma
Sweater: Old Navy
Jeans: Gap
Boots: Qupid
Necklace: eBay

I love the swing shape of this jacket and the cropped sleeves. I can wear it with dresses and pants. If it’s cold, I wear long gloves too. I’ll show you that look in the fall (at least I hope I don’t need gloves till then). And no, I didn’t cut my hair. Whenever I tuck it behind my ear, people think I paid a visit to the hairdresser.


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