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The Perfect Dress

This really is The Perfect Dress–well, that’s what it’s called on Betabrand, where I bought it.

perfect dress

Dress: Betabrand
Shoes: Payless
Belt: Steve Madden
Sunglasses: Old Navy
Earrings: Shirazi

I have a few things from Betabrand, but this is the first piece I’ve posted about so far. Betabrand is a company in San Francisco that designs and manufactures clothing based on what their fans choose. Through crowdfunding, new designs enter the market. Betabrand has really neat ideas like¬†work-appropriate bikewear,¬†reversible blazers, and this perfect dress.

colorful stripes

It even has pockets! And I’ll be able to carry it into fall. But what drew me to the dress was the pattern. The turquoise, blues, and reds reminded me of Santa Fe. It also comes in other really cute patterns. When the dress arrived in the mail, shortly after funding was complete and the dresses were made, I thought it might be too long. I debated chopping a couple of inches off. Then I remembered that I already have a lot of short, summer dresses and this length might just be, well, perfect.

red shoes and dress


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