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Thrifty Thursday: Head to Toe Menswear

Today’s Thrifty Thursday features a special guest: My dad. You could say my dad’s always been tight careful with money. My mom says it’s because he’s Scottish and frugality is in his genes. Well he must have passed them onto me because I also love a good bargain.

My dad loves the thrill of the treasure hunt and the chance to find a gem. We recently talked about some of his finds and he promised to send photos of his head-to-toe thrifted looks.

In this first photo, my dad managed to get a complete outfit for $38. The pants are Diesel and are made in Italy.

dad on deck

Velour jacket: Gap ($15)
Top: Billabong ($6)
Jeans: Diesel ($14)
Shoes: Route 66 ($3)

My dad really appreciates quality and workmanship. His Izod shirt was made in Australia. Dad’s never been a slave to brand names but he likes classic, quality pieces. Dressing well makes him stand a little taller and walk a little prouder.

dad in blue

Jacket: Tommy Hilfiger ($15)
Pullover: Izod ($6)
Jeans: Hugo Boss ($15)
Shoes: Lugz ($20)

This final outfit was mostly new, meaning that the tags were still on the articles. He got all the pieces for less than $60. That’s probably 1/3 of the price of the Banana Republic jacket. The shoes alone would have been $300.

dad next to rocks

Jacket: Banana republic ($20)
Top: Point Zero ($6)
Pants: Hugo Boss ($14)
Shoes: Mephisto ($14)

My dad will scour the clearance racks at department stores for drastically reduced new items, but he’s also a fan of Value Village, Goodwill, Salvation Army, and smaller, local thrift shops. Garage sales are not off-limit either. It might take a while to find the perfect items, but that’s part of the fun. And the work pays off, as you can see by the end result.

dad's shoes

Is thrifting a family tradition in your household? Have you convinced someone to try bargain hunting or are you alone in your quest for the perfect $3 pants?


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An Evening with Winemaker Tom Campbell at ROAD Apparel

Last night my hubby and I attended a special event at ROAD Apparel, a local men’s clothing store with locations in Seattle and Bellevue. The special guest in the Seattle store was Tom Campbell, a pioneer in the Washington wine industry.

Tom Campbell has two wineries, Mission Mountain Winery in Dayton, Montana and Tanjuli Winery in Zillah, Washington. He’s also the Director of Wine Production for Woodhouse Family Estates in Woodinville, Washington. When Tom started growing wine, Washington had only 17 wineries. There are now over 700. Needless to say, we learned a lot about wine from Tom. His wines also tasted amazing. No wonder they’ve won over 100 awards.

Tom Campbell

Tom Campbell, vitner and Washington wine pioneer

I tasted the Tanjuli Winery 2009 Viognier and 2007 Malbec as well as the Mission Mountain Winery Cocoa Vin Chocolate Port. I ordered all three. The chocolate port was rich and sweet. It’s rumored to taste divine when poured over vanilla ice cream. Yum!

After the wine tasting, I snacked on food samplings from Chutney’s and Shiki. Then came the apparel perusing. I saw a lot of fantastic items that I think a certain Mr. Jean of All Trades would love to see under the tree this Christmas. He had his eye on a watch, and I found wonderful messenger bags, scarves, jeans, shirts, and jackets.

ROAD Apparel collage

I found stylish people everywhere I turned. The first person I bumped into happened to be my colleague, Paul, who was enjoying the event with his friend, Pete. Paul is wearing ROAD apparel jeans; Pete has on a ROAD Apparel shirt and jeans. Looking good, guys!

Pete and Paul

Pete and Paul enjoying Tanjuli wine

I stopped these two stylish fellows on their way in. They let me snap a shot as long as I promised to feature their shoes. See, they work at Seattle’s flagship location of Aldo and are modeling the latest in men’s footwear. Of course I was happy to oblige.

The guys from Aldo

Aldo shoes

I met a man named Craig wearing a scarf from ROAD. I love the stripes and the pop of color. He wears it well, don’t you think?

Craig with ROAD scarf

I made a final lap of the store, chatted with a few wonderful people, including an amazing chance encounter with ROAD co-creator, Raj Shah!


It was a fun event and everyone enjoyed themselves. The store was packed and everyone was having fun, Between the stylish clothing, delicious wine, and tasty treats, it was an all-round great evening. Thanks, Julia, for inviting me!

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Street Style: Par for the Course

Meet Gus. I saw him 100 yards away and had to ask him about his amazing pants. I love pink on guys, but I usually only see it in the form of a tie or maybe a shirt. When Gus decided he needed pink pants, he went to a reliable source: a golf shop. If I’ve learned anything about golfers, it’s that they embrace color and patterns. You don’t have to be a golfer to borrow golf style.

pink pants

I really like how these pants are paired with a simple gray t-shirt with a subtle pink stripe that picks up the color of the pants. A dark shoe would be too severe for this outfit. Gus knew that, and chose a summery, white sandal.

It’s so refreshing that in Seattle, the land of fleece and khakis, there are guys like Gus to brighten our days.


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