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Boyfriend Jeans

I usually wear darker wash denim but I like the light washes hitting the stores. Instead of forking over of a new pair of jeans, I raided the local Goodwill.

faded denim

Jeans: Merona via Goodwill
Tank: Wet Seal
Top: Goodwill
Booties: Crossroads Clothing Co.
Cuff: Lauren Harkness

I found a super comfy pair of light jeans and I cuffed them like the boyfriend jeans in the stores. I couldn’t resist this mesh top so I picked it up while I was thrifting. It’s got a nice ’80s vibe to it.

orange, blue and brown

To make this retro outfit a bit more modern, I paired it with booties. In the 80s, I’d probably have worn pointy bright flats.

80s look

I like incorporating styles from the past when they’re flattering and relevant but I always like keeping the look fresh with new twists.

What styles of bygone years do you like?

I’ve joined Visible Monday again today! Check out what everyone else is wearing.


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Neon with Black and White

I picked up this neat top in Vancouver this past spring but it hadn’t made it onto my blog until now. I like the mesh and color blocking and the 80s vibe I get from it. I also like that it’s from a store we don’t have in the USA so the chances of someone else wearing the same top is slim to nil.

It’s a great piece for Visible Monday–check out all the other posts at Not Dead Yet!

neon pants

Top: Bedo
Pants: The Gap
Cuff: Consignment
Bag: Sue Huston
Shoes: Kelly & Katie

Since it has an 80s feel, I paired the top with my neon yellow boyfriend jeans. But that wasn’t enough. I added a bright pink purse too. I love pops of color and even though black is classic and elegant, it’s hard for me to leave the house without a bit of bright.

black and white and neon

This works best with a strapless bra because of the sheer shoulders. However, I think a colorful, intentionally visible bra strap might work. I’m still of the mindset that bras shouldn’t show. That’s why I have strapless, racerback, and other types of bras to choose from. However, the bra as fashion statement is popular. I’m okay with that unless it looks sloppy. I like a clean-looking tank top, for example, without straps hanging out. Is that old-fashioned?


Speaking of bras, I’ve heard that up to 80% of women are wearing the wrong size. I recently went to Nordstrom for a professional fitting, expecting to be one of the 20%. In fact, I was convinced the clerk would congratulate me on my ability to correctly fit myself. Boy was I wrong! I was not wearing the right size bra. She helped me get into one that fit. And of course, I bought six. They feel great and wearing the right size really makes a difference in terms of comfort, posture, and the way my clothes look.


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Black and Blue with a Touch of Bright

I accidentally wore my Gunnar glasses home from work on Friday so I’m wearing them this morning to I can take them back to work. I wrote about these glasses a couple of months ago. They really help with computer glare. A must for any blogger!

bright bag

Tank: Old Navy
Top: Gifted
Cardigan: Thrifted
Pants: Eileen Fisher via Goodwill
Shoes: John Fluevog
Necklace: Boutique in Las Olas
Watch: Florida street market
Tote: SNAP Designs

Funny thing is, the glasses match my bag. I grabbed this sunny yellow tote because the rest of my outfit was so neutral and I wanted to brighten it up.

details of outfit

I have a few Florida pieces in this outfit. The watch, top, and necklace, to be exact. I loved this mesh top. My mom and I were each going to buy one but the sales guys kept changing the price and changing their story about the sizes in stock so I decided not to support their store. My mom bought one anyway and later gave it to me because she knew I’d regret letting this walk away. She was right! Bad service aside, I do like this 80s-inspired mesh shirt.

thrifty look

I have a few thrifty pieces in the mix too. The cardi and pants are thrifted. The snap-band watch was $5 (although I still haven’t figured out how to set it). The top was gifted but the price my mom paid was reasonable ($15 I think). The necklace was on sale for $9.

How do you handle bad service in a store?


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