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Street Style: Goodwill Hunting

I’m not good at keeping you, my dear readers, up-to-date, because this newsworthy tidbit is a few weeks old. However, since scoring a good deal is always in style, I thought I’d share yesterday’s news with you.

My coworker Shannon, the mastermind behind The Adventures of Lucky Duck, and I recently went to Goodwill’s designer sale. You can read all the gory glorious details on Shannon’s post. Basically, hordes of bargain shoppers lined up early and pushed and shoved for discounts on designer labels. You see, Goodwill saves up all the “good stuff” and holds a sale for brand-aware, budget-conscious shoppers. The prices aren’t cheap, but they’re still a good deal. And Goodwill purchases fund job training, computer classes, and English classes for deserving people. Shopping for a cause!

Shannon scored a sky blue Michael Kors silk top with tags still attached. When I recently saw Shannon wearing the top she got that day at Goodwill, I snapped a photo.

michael kors

Shannon apologized for her choice of footwear. I told her not to. The rhinestone sandals look adorable with her top and denim capris. She chose them because she was on her way to get a pedicure so she’d be ready for her trip to Hawaii. Aloha Shannon!


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