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Destroyer: Kaputt

I just heard a song on the new Destroyer CD as I was listening to KEXP today. I love it and I’ve ordered it already. You might know Destroyer if you know The New Pornographers. If you don’t know either, I highly recommend both. They have very different sounds, and they’re both awesome.

Destroyer: Kaputt on Amazon.com

Daniel Bejar, Destroyer’s frontman, has collaborated and contributed to The New Pornographers. Both bands are from Vancouver, Canada and are a big part of the Canadian indie music scene.

Destroyer’s shoe-gazing, mellow sounds are mesmerizing, but are anything but simple. The lyrics are complex and intriguing, and I often struggle to understand the meaning behind the words. That’s a refreshing break from most song I hear on the radio.

When I hear Destroyer, I think of New Order. If you liked the soundtrack to Sofia Coppula’s 2006 movie Marie Antoinette – especially Ceremony by New Order – I think you’ll like Destroyer.

Destroyer’s been around off and on for over a decade—but it’s never too late to become a fan. If you’re in the Seattle area, check them out at The Crocodile on March 18, 2011—I’ll be there. The tour spans the continent, with shows in the US and Canada between mid-March to mid-April. Merge, the label their signed with, has all the tour dates on their website.

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