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Dress Up, Dress Down: Flamingo Skirt

You might recognize the color palette in this post. I wore this dress (as a skirt) when I visited Flamingo Gardens a few weeks ago.

as a skirt

I packed light for my trip to Florida and I wanted to get a lot of mileage out of my clothes. Later in the vacation, I wore the dress (as a dress) when my mom and I celebrated our birthdays.

dressed up

Dress: Annie 50
Top: H&M
Shoes: B2
Pashmina: Mary Kay
Earrings: DIY

This dress was a breeze to pack. It didn’t show wrinkles because it has just a bit of lycra. The shoes are really comfortable and worked well for a walk in the park as well as out for dinner. Plus, they’re semi-waterpoof. I wore them to the beach, but not in the water. The wedge is wrapped in faux leather and I didn’t want to risk ruining them.

If you want to see how other fashion bloggers wore outfits in different ways, hop over to the Winter Remix Challenge that Jessica Quirk of What I wore put together. My photos are in the collection too. Thanks Jessica!

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Dotty Top and a Maxi Skirt

Back in the day, this would have been called “a long skirt.” We had minis, but we didn’t have maxis, per se. The long skirt has been rebranded. And look out—the midi (aka the mid-length skirt) is supposed to be big for fall.

olive maxi

Top: Papaya
Skirt: Forever 21
Shoes: Payless
Shades: Convenience store
Bag: Shiraleah

I threw on this maxi skirt (so much more put together than pajamas, but just as comfortable) to enjoy the last of the sunny days before the nine-month rainy season hits.

I don’t mind the rain though. It’s good for the gardens. Plus, with all that cloud cover I don’t need to be as diligent with the sunscreen. I still wear SPF every day, even in winter. It’s important for healthy skin to not get too much sun. I’m kind of proud of how I retained my pasty alabaster hue all summer long. I do have faint tan lines on the tops of my feet from my sandal straps. Doh! I don’t like tans, but I especially hate tan lines.

This outfit comes in at just over $90, which qualifies it as thrifty. If you recognize the skirt, it’s because it was part of my original 30 for 30 when I first tried the challenge back in January.

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