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Fall Blazer Day

I’m definitely overdosing on fall colors today, but I don’t mind. I like earth tones and I love orange.

orange pants

Blazer: Thrifted
T-shirt: Victoria’s Secret
Pants: Dickies
Boots: MIA
Scarf: Street vendor

When I first got dressed, I had on a black t-shirt and orange pants. A bit too halloweenish! So I added caramel boots and a light blazer.

blazer and work pants

My pants are by Dickies. When I first discovered Dickies, I thought I was onto something new–until my dad pointed out his work pants. He’s a painter and interior decorator and wears Dickies to work every day (his are white and splattered in paint). I quickly learned that the company, so well-known for work wear, made the leap to fashion.

Levi’s, Carhartt and Doctor Marten’s are also in this category: work wear as fashion. And since I wore this outfit to work (in an office, but still), I think it’s appropriate.

I’m loving the fall colors and how the rain in Seattle brings out the moss.

stump and moss

I’ve joined Visible Monday and Monday Bloom–check out what all the others are wearing! I also joined Thrifter’s Anonymous, where I’m the Thrifter of the Week! Thanks Shana!


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Stripes, Florals, and Orange Pants

I wear these orange pants a lot, but they’re surprisingly versatile, and I always seems to find new ways to style them.

orange pants

So for now, they’re staying in rotation.

stripes and floral

Top: Marshall’s
Pants: Dickies
Shoes: Kimchi
Scarf: Swapped

This time, I wore them with a striped top and floral scarf. Scarves, I find, are a subtle way of pattern mixing and incorporating extra color into an outfit. My scarf has orange in it so it’s still a coordinated look. And aren’t stripes practically a neutral?

floral scarf and striped top

And since I was going with the orange and navy theme (possibly my favorite color combo), I thought I’d throw on some blue velvet shoes! Sometimes faux leather is boring and I love incorporating other textures into my footwear, like satin, embroidery, embellishments, and now velvet!

velvet shoes

These pants were originally boot cut but I felt like they weren’t long enough for that style so I tapered the leg and turned them into skinnies. They aren’t real peg legs, but they’re definitely not boot cut anymore. It’s actually a simple alteration–and you can use an existing pair of slim cut pants as your guide!

I’ve joined Lena B Actually and Rachel the Hat for their Passion for Fashion linkup. Have a look at what everyone else is wearing!


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Duck, Duck, Horse: Visiting the Ford Mustang Show

Last weekend I wandered through the 31st Annual Mustang Roundup and All-Ford Picnic hosted by Mustangs Northwest. All the rain in the world can’t stop American Muscle. In addition to Mustangs, I saw Mavericks, Rancheros, and even a few Panteras. Such great style!

pony rides



I used the day to road test my new Lucky Duck t-shirt. I designed the logo for Lucky’s blog and Shannon worked with Cafepress to add the image onto shirts. She generously gave me one. Thanks Shannon!

lucky T

orange and green

T-shirt: Lucky Duck via Cafepress
Pants: Dickies
Shoes: Champion

Speaking of logos, Ford has a lot of great designs. Many of the participants at the show customized their cars and originality abounded. I think the rain (and raindrops add to the shots).



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