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OTK Socks and a Cat Skirt

I’m joining the Throwback Thursday (#TBT) trend and posting a few outfit posts from earlier this year. The looks aren’t stale, but my hair is a clue that these aren’t recent pictures.

Somehow, I didn’t get around to posting this outfit, but I think it’s still a fun look and a way to show a warm, rainy day look.

black and white

T-shirt: Victoria’s Secret
Skirt: H&M
Socks: Emily the Strange
Pleather shoes: Jelly Pop (from DSW)
Umbrella: Totes (from the drug store)

This kitty cat skirt was popular at H&M last fall. It also came in a cute skater dress and in two variations of the print. I’ve seen women wear white with black cats and black with white.

cat power

It’s likely unavailable now though, unlike a Marimekko print my mom recently picked up. She found the same pattern recently (in fabric and in ready-made dresses) that she had almost 50 years ago! That’s staying power!

Even if you can’t get this print, a circle skirt and lug-sole shoe is a fun combination when it’s not cold but you need a practical, stable shoe.

OTK socks and skirt

The shoes are new but the style is reminiscent of the 90s. That’s why I thought the over-the-knee socks worked. It’s a little like The Craft, but in fashion, anything goes!

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Wearing over-the-Knee Boots

I like the look of over-the-knee boots but sometimes it’s hard to wear them and not look a little like Pretty Woman. For most of us, that’s not the effect we’re going for. Elly, from one of my street style posts, knows how to work the look. She wore wedge heels, thick tights, and a flowing boho dress.

Another way to wear OTK boots is with jeans. I kept my look casual by wearing flat-heeled tall boots.

OTK boots

Top: Express
Jeans: The Gap
Boots: Cri de Coeur
Cuff: Craft Fair

These boots are versatile because I can fold over the cuff and turn them into regular knee-high boots. I lose the studs that way, but it’s still a nice option. I bought these on sale from a local shop that is unfortunately not open anymore. Luckily, I can still shop online.

tall boots, flat heel

With an OTK boot, I think it’s best to keep the rest of the outfit relaxed (like Elly’s loose dress or my simple jeans). I’d probably steer away from a dress so long that it covers the tops of the boots. Part of having tall boots is showing them off! Plus, a bit of leg shape is nice. Notice that I said leg shape. Tights or jeans are still good to wear. If you have a bare leg with a short skirt and tall boots, a flowy dress and shorter heel is the best way to work the right proportions.

Red, denim and black

Do you ever wear OTK boots?

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