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Houndstooth, Paisley and Stripes

I went all out with monochromatic pattern-mixing today. I was slow to embrace the trend, but I’ve learned to love it. I just don’t always like to think too hard about how my clothing items work together as an outfit. That’s why I don’t mix patterns a lot.


Coat: Macy’s
Shirt: Marshalls
Skirt: Swapped
Tights: Roots Canada
Shoes: Soda
Scarf: Fred Meyer’s
Necklace: JC Penney

Black and white is the common theme that ties the patterns together. Finding a theme made it easier to mix and match. Plus, stripes are practically a neutral. They go with everything.

paisley skirt

I added a pop of color with my hot pink infinity scarf–it’s still so gray in Seattle that I needed something to cheer myself up. The flowers in my garden (or lack thereof) won’t help for a while. And the rats are gloomy too. I stenciled those rats on my fence as an homage to Banksy. Or was he really here?

stripes and paisley

My wedge platforms complete the outfit. They’re fun and surprisingly practical. At least I won’t sink into the grass like I would in heels!

black and white

Do you have winter-spring transition outfits?

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Dress Up, Dress Down: Kimono Style

I grabbed this lovely kimono-styled top from my friend Lynn a few weeks ago because I loved the pattern and cut. It’s from Japan. I’m not sure what this type of garment is called. The craftmanship that went into this is unbelievable. It’s an amazing piece and I promised to take good care of it. I wasn’t sure how to style it, but I tried a few things and found a couple that work.

top and boots

Top: Lynn’s
Tank: Old Navy
Leggings: Newport News
Belt: TJ Maxx
Boots: Qupid

I changed things around for my second look. I loved how the belt I bought on eBay has the same colors as the top. Pattern mixing is tough for me and I love when it works.

Japanese top

Belt: eBay
Leggings: eBay
Shoes: Bamboo

Have you seen this type of top before? What is it called? How is it typically worn?


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