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Color-blocking my Colorful Pants

When Everybody, Everywhere announced that the next group challenge would be colored pants, I was stoked. I love colorful pants, especially denim. In fact, the hardest part about this challenge was deciding whether to go with my yellow, purple, orange, or pink jeans.

pink and violet

Pink won. Mainly because these are the only pair I hadn’t showcased yet on my blog. I picked these up at JC Penneys for a mere $11 last summer. At the time, I wasn’t sure how I was going to style them, but I didn’t have a lot to lose.

colored pants

Top: Nordstrom
Jeans: JC Penneys
Shoes: Dr. Scholl’s
Necklace: Vendor in Santa Fe
Bracelets: Claire’s

I love the snap detailing at the ankle. I get complimented on these pants a lot. Often, people just say, “wow, those sure are bright!” They’re bright, sure, but they go with a lot. I’ve worn this with white, black, gray, and even stripes of different kinds. Today, I tried a color-blocked look with a solid violet-blue top and marigold ballet flats.

color blocked

Check out all the other ways people rocked colorful pants over at Everybody, Everywhere.


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Street Style: Par for the Course

Meet Gus. I saw him 100 yards away and had to ask him about his amazing pants. I love pink on guys, but I usually only see it in the form of a tie or maybe a shirt. When Gus decided he needed pink pants, he went to a reliable source: a golf shop. If I’ve learned anything about golfers, it’s that they embrace color and patterns. You don’t have to be a golfer to borrow golf style.

pink pants

I really like how these pants are paired with a simple gray t-shirt with a subtle pink stripe that picks up the color of the pants. A dark shoe would be too severe for this outfit. Gus knew that, and chose a summery, white sandal.

It’s so refreshing that in Seattle, the land of fleece and khakis, there are guys like Gus to brighten our days.


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