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Blue, Gray, and a Cowl-neck Scarf

I found another way to wear my Ivan Grundahl skirt. I got it on sale a few years ago, but even on sale, designer threads aren’t cheap. But my cost per wear is getting lower. I’m glad I bought this piece. I feel like it’s timeless.

blue and gray

Jacket: Swapped
Sweater: Target
Belt: Ross Dress for Less
Watch and cuff: Thrifted
CowlScarf City
Skirt: Ivan Grundahl
Boots: Prada via consignment

Today I paired my skirt with denim, navy, and a pair of thrifted, microfiber Prada boots. In the past, I’ve worn it with fuchsia, green, and even dusty rose.

pink cowl tops it off

I have enjoyed my cowl-neck scarf a lot too. I was so happy when Rosalind, owner of Scarf City, made me a custom non-wool scarf. I find wool terribly itchy and I’m on a quest to not wear animal products of any kind. This cotton scarf did the trick!


I’m joining Visible Monday today. Check out all the other visible women at Not Dead Yet Style.


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Replacing My Long-lost Black Maxi Dress

Years ago, when maxi dresses were simply called “long dresses,” I had a short-sleeved, long, black dress. It was a cotton jersey knit (t-shirt material) and it was so comfy. Yet it made me look pulled together and stylish. I wore it with statement necklaces, cardis, blazers, scarves (not all at the same time). This one dress was so versatile. And then I gave it away.

I’ve regretted it ever since. I’m sure if I still had it, I’d see that it’s not the right fit or length or something. But in my mind, it was perfect. It was surprisingly hard to find a replacement. I’d looked high and low for a (reasonably priced) substitute, to no avail. Finally, I saw one at Lulu’s (and I wasn’t even looking).

Lulu’s also had the dress in burnt orange. So tempting. I thought I’d start with the neutral though.

black dress

tartan and leopard accessories

Dress: Lulu’s
Jacket: Macy’s
Belt: Forever 21
Purse: Thrifted
Boots: Prada

Yes, you read that right. The boots are Prada. But I didn’t pay $600 for them. I found them a few years ago on eBay for $50. I’d really wanted a pair of Prada’s microfiber ankle boots and I was thrilled to find a nearly new pair for less than 10% of the original price.

Also, you might not see it, but the belt is leopard and my jacket is plaid, which means I’ve successfully mixed patterns again! I have trouble taking the pattern-mixing plunge and I’m happy with baby steps.


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