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Florals and Grape Skinnies

I’ve been upstaged by my cat again. Poor Margo. Alice is blind and can go out with close supervision, and Frankie is a dog who can’t escape the backyard. But Margo is a would-be runaway so she has to stay indoors (or in her catio, which she thinks of as an outdoor prison).

gray blazer

She practically begged me to let her out during this backyard photoshoot.

grape skinnies

Blazer: Smart Set via Goodwill
Blouse: Goodwill
Skinnies: Just USA
Socks: Fred Meyer
Shoes: Thrifted
Belt: Madden Girl
Ring: Old Navy

In case you’re not looking at the part-Siamese bundle of cute trouble in the window, I’m wearing a blazer and blouse from Goodwill and my Just USA skinnies.

Cat in the window

I bought a pair of these in red in a local shop and wore them so often I tracked down the brand online and bought two more pair: grape and olive.

floral ring

It seemed like a good outfit for a huge, frilly ring! I love this little piece of costume jewelry. It’s lightweight and soft. I’d love to try making something like this and gluing it onto a plain ring.

I’ve joined Not Dead Yet for Visible Monday and Color Blind for Thrifters Anonymous. Let’s see what other bold, thrifty women are wearing!


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Boots for the Rain

I promised that my previous post would be the last one about Hawaii. True to my word, I’ve changed focus from bikinis to boots. This also ties in nicely with Sophistique Noir’s theme post: Purple.

black and gray and purple

I bought these purple Hunter wedge-heel rain boots when my parents visited recently but I hadn’t yet posted the mom-daughter shots we took one rainy Seattle morning.


On this day, we ate brunch at Sunlight Vegetarian Café and were on our way to the Fremont Sunday Market (again). Boots are the best way to keep dry. Both pairs are mine–I loaned my mom, a blogger in her own right–the black knee-high MIA boots for the day. They’re faux leather and hold up really well in the wet.

Mom and Jean

Go see what other purple things people are writing about at Sophistique Noir!


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DIY Maxi Skirt

Pretty Shiny Sparkly put out another Bloggers do it Better challenge. Each challenge showcases real women rocking a current trend. Last time, I tried neon and neutral. This time, the assignment is to style a maxi skirt.

I have a few maxi skirts in my closet, but I also have a photo of a Vivienne Westwood skirt that I’ve been lusting after and meaning to replicate. So last night, coming off a migraine that kept me from work, I pulled out the fabric I’d purchased months ago. There’s nothing like a 5 hour nap and a deadline to get creative juices flowing.

maxi skirt


blue and purple

T-shirt: Old Navy
Scarf: DIY
Skirt: DIY
Belt: Steve Madden
Earrings: Shirazi, Seattle
Sandals: Payless

It’s a three-tiered skirt. I overlapped the panels and left the hems on the outside for a raw, unfinished look. The Vivienne Westwood skirt was olive green, but I have a green maxi skirt so I chose purple and navy. I’ll be able to wear this with bright t-shirts in the summer, and warmer, darker tops in the winter. It’s going to look nice with boots too.

I’m not an experienced seamstress, nor do I use patterns. Fortunately this project only required sewing straight lines. I measured, cut, pinned and sewed. I used a stretch poly blend, which ended up being slippery. I’m considering the “ruching” to be a feature, not a flaw.

If you’re looking to replicate this skirt, cut three panels for the front and three for the back. Sew the panels together lengthwise so you have one long, three-tiered back piece and one long, three-tiered front piece. Give yourself extra width; you can always sew the sides tighter. After you have the front and back sewn together you can sew the sides, flip it right side out, and you’re good to go!


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Purple Lace: Tiny Hat Optional

The June challenge by Everybody, Everywear is lace. And I thought florals were tough! I don’t have a lot of lace. I had a lace cami that used for the winter 2011 edition of the 30 for 30 challenge. I regretted that and I’ve since given away the top. I have a floor-length black lace skirt, but that didn’t seem spring-like. Then I remembered The Dress.

This amazing dress is made from strips of fabric stitched together in a way that would make a Tim Burton character proud. It’s a Selma Karaca. She’s a New York-based designer! I also have a top from her.

Selma dress

selma up close

Dress: Selma Karaca
Necklace: Claire’s
Clutch: Thrifted
Shoes: Nine West via thrifted

I didn’t have an occasion in mind when I bought this but when a Seattle boutique owner decided to retire and had a 70% off sale, I couldn’t miss the opportunity. Turns out, this dress came in handy when I was invited to a Halloween evening wedding in New Orleans. I wore it to the wedding, gothed it up a bit with a skeleton cameo I found on eBay, black nail polish, and DIY tiny hat. I bought the hat at a craft store and embellished it with black ribbon and a spiderweb brooch.

jean in NOLA


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Purple Haze

The 30 for 30 Challenge ended two weeks ago, and I’m still getting acquainted with my closet. It’s almost spring, but it can feel chilly in the Pacific Northwest, with all the gray skies and rain. So I need to be warm and still have a bit of fun with color.

That’s why I was happy to find a deep purple, loose-knit sweater in my closet. I wore it with a pair of jeans to rival any designer pair out there. And they were only $5 at the Suzy Shier outlet in Cambridge, Ontario. I picked them up last summer while visiting my family.

lilac scarf and purple sweater

I loved these shoes when I saw them at the Seattle John Fluevog store. I thought the dark blue would look great with denim, but I wasn’t sure about the lilac portion. I loved the color, but I didn’t have much to match. And yes, if you’re paying attention, almost all my shoes and purses are faux leather (with the exception of vintage finds). I like to align my clothing choices with my eating habits (no animal products). Fluevogs are the only time I break my rule. I’m happy to report that they are making vegan options more available (these aren’t one of them though).

Serendipitously, my aunt in Germany recently sent me a lilac scarf. I wrapped it around my neck and added a silver bracelet that my dad gave me. I know I don’t have to match the purple shoes with another item in my outfit, but I like how the scarf pulls the look together.

shoes, scarf and sweater in shades of purple

Sweater: Papaya
Jeans: Suzy Shier
Scarf: Gifted
Bracelet: Gifted
Shoes: John Fluevog

What about you? How do you match colors? Are there certain things you don’t wear (fur, leather, items that aren’t fair-trade)?



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